Selected online activities to do while backpacking

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So you’ve boarded the plane and are now jetting off to an exotic destination – but what can you do with your

down time? Here are five tips on passing the time online for travelers.


While the thought of backpacking conjures up images of donning your walking boots and getting in touch with nature in The Outback, or scaling the Great Wall of China, have you thought about what to do while you’re at rest? Taking your laptop or tablet with you is great to share your memories with the rest of the outside world, and can also be helpful for passing the time in many other ways.



1. Start up a blog

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When you’ve got so much to see and do, it can be hard to even think about the future, and what you’ll have to look back on. Writing can be a hugely therapeutic experience and can help you stir memories to share with friends and family. To set up your own blog, head over to WordPress, which hosts a free, easy to use blogging platform.


2. Share your photos


The days of disposable snap and wind-the-wheel cameras are gone, making way for today’s social media. With so many outlets to choose from, from Facebook to Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, you can share your experiences with friends and edit your photos to make your adventures look exactly how you feel.

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3. Plan your next journey

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No matter how organized you are – you may have planned thetrip right down to the last detail, with accommodation, budgets and tourist spots all neatly arranged into one itinerary – you will invariably change your mind. Recommendations from locals, areas of inspiring beauty or just amazing accomodation spots (even for free) may make you want to extend your stay or change your direction altogether, and you can use the internet to help you do some research on this. For the best advice on local hotspots, head over to Trip Advisor and you’ll be on your way.


4. Read the Scripts (Find funny stuff)  

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So you’ve been travelling for weeks and have felt a little lonesome, have no fear, you could always talk to your God, see what’s he into and check what he said lately, in case he gets angry, a nice excerpt can be found here.  All cash created following the instructions in this guide could be donated to the closest parish of your taste. And always remember that a good ole dolar has no color, only smell.

5. Work!

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You’re travelling – who said anything about work? Thankfully, many backpackers can make themselves an extra buck or two on the side with paid online work, be it writing paid blogs or even taking part in simple surveys. To really capitalize on those fantastic writing skills of yours, log on to Weekend Notes to share stories and reviews of your adventures, while putting a few extra coins in your purse.