The Magical Paradise of Disney Land!

Nowadays, not too many kids have not heard of Disney World! For most children under a certain age, Disney World represents their dream location.

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What child wouldn’t be mesmerized by the magic and lure that the wonderland has to offer.

Back in the early days, Walt Disney had a dream of a premier holiday destination that can be enjoyed by the whole family. It first opened in 1971, and since then it has seen literally millions upon millions of visitors and tourists alike.

From exhilarating rides to stage shows and favourite cartoon characters, Disney land has everything that you could imagine.

You would be surprised at how many families return there each and every year, as they just can’t get enough of the atmosphere and stunning Florida weather!

In order for you to fully experience all that it has to offer though, you would need to spend at least a full week there. There is just so much to do and see, and the resort is continually growing in size.

The Magic Kingdom park is the one that’s most adored and loved by children. You will find a plethora of rides here from gentle ones to the adrenaline pumping ones. It’s also the spot where you’d be most likely to bump into all your favourite Disney characters like Mickey Mouse etc.

If you are seriously planning on visiting this magical place, then you can get your Tickets to Disney World online and possibly save some money, rather than paying at the entrance of the park itself.

MGM Studios gives you a glimpse of what the behind the scenes look like in the movie industry. They also have a very cool backstage tour which shouldn’t be missed.

Apart from four massive parks to occupy your time, you’ll also have access to two water parks to cool yourself off in for a while, especially if the Florida sun is extra hot.

The latest, most recent park to be opened there is the Animal Kingdom. Here, visitors will get to see some amazing wildlife from such places as the Serengeti and other parts of Africa.

It’s important that you plan your trip to Disney Land. Make sure you organise your itinerary and make sure that you get to see everything that you want to see. Remember, it may be your only chance to visit this great paradise, so make the most of it!