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The Cheapest Country in the World to Travel Around

The Cheapest Country in the World to Travel Around

There are many great countries around the world to visit where you can have a great, but cheap experience. Here are some of my favourite cheap destinations to visit.


It is a great place to visit and you can find a bed for as little as £1 per night. It is very cheap here and it can sometimes feel as though you are not paying enough for the food and services that you receive. I love visiting Angkor Wat in Siem Reap and it is one of the most fascinating temples that I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. Cambodia has so many beautiful sights and won’t hurt your pocket either!

The Cheapest Country in the World to Travel Around


This place is beautiful and you will want to explore the beautiful areas and this can be done on just £5 per day for all your food, travel and accommodation. Vietnam has a great variety of landscapes and places of interest to visit. Naturally, nothing beats watching the sunset on a boat in Ha Long Bay or visiting the bustling Saigon!


It is a place that you can visit and live the life of luxury in the less popular holiday destinations for as little as £15 per day. This will be first class travel as well. You need to venture to an area where holidays are for the cheaper experience, it is possible to be treated like royalty here and be paying the high prices too. Not only is India an extremely cheap place to visit but the valleys of Ladakh can give Switzerland a run for its money in terms of the beauty. The beauty of the area is not something that you will ever forget, especially with the clouds right that seem like you could touch them, the lakes and the forests. The huge number of amazing Ladakh Tour Packages will leave you completely satisfied by the beauty of the area, don’t worry about that!


This is the place to visit that you will love if you are looking for cheap museums and colonial streets to visit, you will not be disappointed with the value of the food and drink that you can buy too. Bolivia is one of my favourite countries in South America


Visiting Budapest is a must with the food from as little as a £2 and train tickets from £1 and accommodation as cheap as £10 per night! It will be a place that will stay and want to return to again and again and is extremely easy to reach from most parts of Europe. Budapest is also one of the most beautiful cities that I have ever visited and one of the most well maintained too!


If you are looking for the beach holiday then this is the destination for you. Here you will find the beaches and the palms that will make those perfect holidays that you sort after but at a fraction of the cost. It is possible to eat and drink for around £18 per day.


It is possible to get some great deals in Bulgaria, the further East that you travel the cheaper that you will find the food and the accommodation. You will find that the full cost of food and accommodation comes to around £20 per day and for this, you will not be disappointed. Some of the best areas to visit is the black sea resorts, here you will find the usual holiday requirements from sun, sea and alcohol for relatively cheap prices.

Sri Lanka

You will find so much here from the jungle to the food including the local fish and their curries. You will receive a first class service and you will not be disappointed with what you receive for around £25 per day. This is the most beautiful place that you will visit and is often described as a paradise.