The Best Ways To See London On A Short Trip

London is a vast city. Full of history, culture and architecture which it is difficult to get a complete grip on in a short space of time. For those on a flying visit to the city it is easy to miss much of what London has to offer. There are some quick ways to get a feel for London which will have you wanting to come back for more though.

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Get On Your Feet:

Walking tours are by far the best and most interactive way to see parts of a city. You won’t cover the same distance you might on other types of London tours, but it will provide you with a far more intimate experience. You will meet many other people on the tours who know nothing about London either, and it is far more sociable than the other varieties of tours as for some reason when you walk you are more inclined to speak to the others. You will find that the tour guides are knowledgeable in their subject matter and generally they are entertaining and fun. Many walking tours have a specific theme so watch out for something that appeals to you.

Travel the City:

There are many other varieties of tour around the city of London which are often less specialised than the walking tours and will give you more of an idea of the overall city. These are a good way to quickly give you an idea of your bearings and aid navigation when you are wandering around the city unaided later on. You can choose from tours by bus, river or even cycling.  They all have their pros and cons so it will come down to personal taste which one might be more suitable for you. If you want to be slightly more independent and get your bearings yourself, you can always hire a cycle or jump on the tube.

Take to the Heights:

If you want a different way to see what the City of London has to offer then it might be a good idea to grab yourself a ticket on the London Eye. It is a relaxing and gentle way to see wonderful views whilst at the same time meeting other groups of like minded people. It also affords a great vantage point for taking some amazing panoramic photographs if you are that way inclined. If you really want a treat you can even organise to do it with champagne.

London is an amazing city full of experiences. It is impossible to fit in everything that you can do on a short trip, but once you have an idea of what the city has to offer I am sure that you will be back.

Image courtesy of Jon Whiles/FreeDigital Photos.net