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Sick and tired of hostel dorms? Try caravan travel

How many hostel dorms have you checked into in your lifetime? If you’re a regular traveller then the answer is probably a fair few! Staying in a hostel can be a bit of a gamble; it is always a mystery who you will be sharing your dorm with. Although you can opt for smaller dorm rooms to avoid sharing with strangers, these rooms get booked up pretty quickly so if you are booking last minute it is likely that you will have to check into one of the bigger shared dorms.


With anything in life there are always advantages as well as disadvantages to consider.

Advantages of staying in a hostel:

-        Low cost

-        Opportunities to meet new people when travelling

-        Being part of the travelling community; there will always be someone to ask for advice and recommendations

-        Often located near central location points


-        Not recommended for light sleepers!

-        Some hostels may have lock out hours

-        Sharing bathrooms

-        Lack of privacy

-        Security of possessions- it is recommended to carry a padlock with you for locker facilities (where these are actually available within your chosen hostel)

-        Cleanliness- some hostels may not be the cleanest of places

-        Bedding – there may be lack of bed linen/pillows available so it is advised that you bring a sleeping bag

Looking at the above it shows that there can be more disadvantages than advantages when staying in a hostel. Although, it does of course depend on the individual and what the aims of your trip are. If you are looking for the cheapest accommodation for your trip and just want somewhere to put your head down at night then hostels can be a great option to consider. They are not recommended if peace and quiet is a must have as well as privacy. One of the best things you could do before checking into a hostel is to read reviews on the accommodation first in order to gain an overall feel for the facilities.

Another option for accommodation that you may have not considered is in fact caravanning. Gone are the days when caravanning was just something that you considered your grandparents would do. Saving as much money as possible when travelling is vital, in order to partake with your complete planned trip. Believe it or not you can find caravans for sale at very reasonable prices. Once you have bought your caravan, the world is your oyster!  No more having to share a dorm room with strangers and worry about not having any privacy. Although you may think caravanning isn’t as sociable as staying in a hostel, this isn’t often the case. There is a massive caravanning community out there and you are bound to meet groups of people doing the exact same thing as you. One of the great advantages to travelling in a caravan is not being restricted to a rucksack when packing. You are free to bring home comforts along as well as a wardrobe full of clothes!