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The Best Sunny Vacations for Culture Seekers

When you’re thinking about planning your next holiday, there’s a good chance that you have “sunshine” on your priority list. After all, if you’re going to take time out from life to go relax, you might as well catch some rays and come home with a suntan, right? But you also want to explore a destination with great cultural sights to explore. Luckily, Europe has got many gorgeous destinations which promise plenty of sun along with great culture, sights and opportunities to enjoy your natural surroundings. And you can easily reach them by booking Thomas Cook flights, so don’t wait another minute! Plan your next trip to one of these great, sunny destinations:



Whether you’re looking to truly relax on the white sand beaches or experience some of the world’s most ancient cultures, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Greece. This extraordinary country is one of the most fascinating places to explore ancient ruins and civilizations, sample delectable cuisine, and hang out on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Crete in particular is a fantastic choice for white sand beaches with turquoise waters, great food and a fun nightlife scene. Don’t miss the amazing seafood dinners right on the beach!


The island of Sicily in the south of Italy is one of the richest cultural areas in the country. Here in the south, the typical Italian culture is heightened, the food is extra flavorful and the hand gestures extra exaggerated! People here are passionate and you’ll never forget a moment of your experience here. Explore Palermo to see some great architecture and historical sights. And there are so many great beaches to explore and enjoy the beautiful waters. Sicily is known for its sunny weather, laid-back lifestyle and incredible food like cannoli, so indulge!


If you want to explore a sunny region that’s in close proximity to many other destinations, head to Nice in the south of France. From here, you can easily do day trips along the French Riviera, exploring the local culture and smaller towns in this beautiful area of the country. Nice itself has got gorgeous white sand beaches and a luxurious atmosphere to soak in. And there are so many great museums and churches here to experience the cultural side of the city.


The southern-most region of Spain is blessed with beautiful sunshine for most of the year, as well as some of the country’s most fascinating cultural attractions. Start in Malaga where you can enjoy the beaches of southern Spain, then head to Sevilla to check out the incredible Seville Cathedral and Alcazar Palace. You won’t believe the incredible architecture and cultural sights in this city. Next up is Cordoba, where you can dine at sidewalk cafes in the sunshine before exploring the Mezquita mosque. And finally, end up in Grenada where you’ll visit the famous Al Hambra and enjoy tapas to your heart’s content, all in the beautiful Spanish sunshine.