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Booking Great Hotels for Cheap with Travel Pony

If you’re one of those people who loves traveling but hates dealing with all the tedious logistical aspects, you’re in luck: there’s a new booking site that utilizes the power of social media to make hotel booking so much easier and enjoyable. So instead of scrambling to research your destination and figure out where might be the best place to stay, in what location and for what price, you can access all the info you need in one spot, and ensure you get the best deal possible.


So how can you get started? Simply head over to and sign up for a free membership (believe me, you’ll be glad you did! The membership is needed because the deals are way too good to make public.) Then, all you need to do is type in your destination, and you’ll have access to the best hotel deals on the internet. There’s no need to pay the full prices that other travel websites are charging, plus those huge commissions. Once I saw how much I could save on Travel Pony, my jaw literally dropped. It seemed crazy, but they’ve actually found a way to help their members save so much on hotels, and create a community of people who have had the same experience!


How do they do it? Instead of spending tons of money on regular advertising like most other travel sites, Travel Pony has decided to harness the power of social media and crowdsource the best deals out there. Basically, when you use Travel Pony, you are simply asked to help contribute to the cause by sharing your experience on Facebook, Twitter or Linked In – whatever is your favorite social media platform! Tell your friends about how much you saved by using Travel Pony and you can help make sure these deals will always be available for you, wherever you decide to travel.


Personally, I have paid way too much for hotel rooms in the past, especially when I didn’t do enough research. But I rarely have the time to research hotels and destinations before I go traveling! So I’m so glad I found Travel Pony, because it saves me time and money before I travel. It’s so much more convenient to find all the best deals in one place, and I start my trip in such a good mood knowing I’ve saved money – which means there’s more I can spend on my experience!