Some Blackjack Dealer Tricks


Many people don’t know that blackjack is beatable. A solid all-around strategy will minimise the house edge to around .5%.


However, if you really want to sway the odds in your favour, then you will need to start learning how to card count. Card counting comes in two different formats. The first one is known as level one or introductory level. Using this method you take note of the aces and disregard the other cards. The idea here is to keep the card counting system as simple as we can, and yet improve our chances of winning.

The second level is really only going to apply to the pros and others who will have the time and energy to invest in the countless hours and hours it will take to study and learn this method. In order to succeed at this level, you will need to possess a natural taste for mathematics and a burning desire to work extra hard.

When you understand how the system works, then next thing is to work on your speed. This is the biggest mistake that beginners make initially. Once they’ve learned the system, they think that’s all there is to it. But the reality of the situation means that once they hit the casino they’re suddenly lost at the speed at which the game of blackjack is played.

Card counting definitely increases your chances of winning, but your luck will greatly fluctuate over the weeks and even months.

When you are in the casino you will need to disguise your card counting abilities. You don’t want the casino to know that you’re using a card counting technique, otherwise you’ll be asked to leave.

Ok, so the system is learned and you think you’re ready to take on the casinos. Not so fast! You will need to be able to fight off the constant mental battle you’ll have with yourself over the big potential swings that will come your way. A lot of great card counters disappeared from the scene as they weren’t able to deal with the psychological turmoil of the game.

The stats show that tourist players are very bad indeed. They won’t know how to play the game with even a decent amount of strategy, so it would be pointless sitting down to play with them against the house.

So the next time you’re at a casino and you see a blackjack table, have a look and see if you can spot anyone that’s using a system of some sort to try and beat the house!