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Road Trips: Three Of The Best

There is almost nothing that compares to hitting the open road for an adventure. This is one of those adventures that friends sit back and dream about for countless nights. The best thing about a road trip is that it can be just a few hours or it can be a few days. It all depends on how far you are willing to go, that will depend also on the RV rental prices you find so make sure you do some good research. Another great facet of road trips is that you can essentially take one no matter where in the world you are. Every country has roads and destinations to see. They all have their own intricacies and special characteristics that make them unique. Here are three epic road trips you can take to be able to talk about an adventure of a lifetime. These trips are long and exciting, we recommend bringing a friend along.


The USA is so huge that there are several different interstate highways that can be a road trip in themselves. There’s the Bourbon Highway in Kentucky, the Blues Highway in Tennessee, and the iconic Route 66. But the ultimate USA road trip is coast to coast. I would recommend having your start and end points be New York and San Francisco. Both of these cities are iconic and are guaranteed to start you off on the right foot and end on the right foot. The best part of this trip is that there are endless options of which route to take. You can go south then west then north and then west again. Or you could stay west the entire ride. It all depends what you want to see. I recommend stopping in cities such as Washington D.C, New Orleans, Chicago, Nashville, Las Vegas, San Diego, Seattle, Portland, Kansas City, and Boulder. If you’re stopping in Las Vegas, which you SHOULD do, then find a guide to night clubs in Las Vegas for an unforgettable night. These are just a few cities that you can see along the way. Get in front of a map and plan a route!

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Christchurch to Auckland

New Zealand is a wonderfully beautiful country, driving between the north and the south is a road trip that is sure to be one for the record books. When hiring campervans in New Zealand you can get yourself a motor to do the trip in style. It will also be your accommodation so you don’t have to spend on hotels. This is without a doubt the best way to take this road trip. So I would definitely recommend looking into campervan hire from Auckland or Christchurch depending on where you start. Parts of the road between the two cities career through the mountains so make sure you’re alert for the drive. It’s also good to be alert so that you can take in the incredible sights you are guaranteed to see.

The Atlantic Road

Many people wouldn’t think to travel to Norway to take a road trip but that’s probably because they don’t know about the Atlantic road. This road is a zig zag of a journey that is made up of 12 bridges and takes you through and across different islands. You can make Molde and Krisiansund your start and end points. This is a journey that can easily take up to ten days if you take your time and stop in various towns and at points to take in the scenery.