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Putting a Light on Making A Difference with LED Light bulbs

If there is one thing that you can see common through our the world it is that people are in need of better replacement lights. This is the same whether you are operating a millions of dollar facility like an airport, or you live in a small village and only have limited access to electricity. One of the ways that this is being done is by using led light bulbs.

It is a disturbing reality that unfortunately as many as two billion people do not have access at all to electricity and as many as three billion people rely on biomass fuels or coal to do their heating and cooking. To put this in to a larger and clearer perspective it is important to understand that the current population of the United States of America only has 311,591,917 people as of 2011. This is just a small fraction of those who have to go without.

Right now it is estimated that as few as 20% of the world’s population own 75% of the wealth, and only 10% of the 7 billion people that are alive today own a computer. When it comes to lighting we in the west take this simple experience seriously for granted. You turn on the switch and it is there. You likely only really give it any real substantial thought when you are suddenly faced with not having it because of a blackout or outage of some sort.

For those that do have it, again this doesn’t matter if you are in some luxury home or something more humble, you may want to consider using something that will both save you in expense and help to save the world in not having to produce more energy than necessary. This can be done by using led light bulbs, which are vastly superior in every way compared to traditional lighting.

Led light bulbs can last a really long time and their efficiency is truly unmatched. For example, you can actually get the same amount of light that a 40 watt bulb produces by only using a 1.5 watt led light bulb. It is remarkable what you can do with these lights and there have been some substantial improvements made with homes in extremely rural areas by incorporating both led technology and solar power technology. This is an effective way for these lights to go a very long time without every needing to be replaced.