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Photo: Fishing Pier at Midday

click photo to enlargeLa Libertad Fishing Pier
I’ve been in La Libertad, El Salvador the past 4 days. I moved here mainly for the solid internet connection as I had to hunker down and get some work down for my friend (I work for his online company). I have definitely enjoyed myself though, and have been able to go out and snag a few photos of the area as well as lay around in the sun quite a bit. La Libertad is a city based upon surfing and fishing, and this pier is the center of life here. As you can see, at just a little past noon, the pier is loaded with people at work. They are unloading the catch of the day as the boats come on one by one and are hoisted back onto the pier by those large cranes you see towards the end of the pier. The fish are then cleaned and many are sold right there on the pier by the women of the families underneath the covering you see to the left of the photo. I’ll post a few more photos of more of the action soon.


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