‘Off the Beaten Path’ Excursions in Cuba


On a narrow patch of land between two oceans lays Cuba – a country with a rich passion for the arts, a love for nature and a taste for the exotic. A country full of the large spirit of the nation’s history and its people. With eight UNESCO sites all over this country, there is something for everybody here. So, as a tourist, you have a wide variety of activities you can do and places you can visit. But, if you’re looking for best holidays to Cuba, try these unusual activities:


Music to your Ears

It is hard to miss the music of Cuba, no matter where you go. With the amalgamation of several cultures contributing to the music of Cuba, there are several shapes music has taken in Cuba. So, catch some musical outings while you are in Cuba. Whether you are into jazz or hip-hop, there is something here for every ear. Explore the Cuban form of hip-hop popularly known as Reggaeton or Cuban folk music that features the Spanish guitar and the African drum or the lyrical traditional jazz or even the timba– a fusion of salsa fusion. With each tone, Cuban music beacons one to dance- so join in for a step or two of Guagnuanco or the Cha Cha. Indulge in an evening of song and dance.

Feast your Eyes

While the beautiful architecture and natural beauty of Cuba are hard to miss, it can be easy to overlook the rich literary history of Cuba. Cubans are lovers of the written word- books, poetry and literature. Their most famous literary figure- Jose Marti is revered and loved to date. Cubans pay homage to their rich literary history with the largest book fair held in Cuba every year. So, feast your eyes on books available in every corner of Cuba. Explore some book street stalls and some much revered libraries. Be sure also to see some much-cherished works of Cuban art by strolling through the Museo Nacional Palacio de Bellas Artes.

Feel the Sun

Cubans love their wheels, and it is not surprising to find a lot of exotic, restored cars from a generation past. Consider renting an old Peugeot or Cadillacs or Stude Baker for your drive along Havana’s marine drive or through Cuba’s countryside. You could also try renting a moped or bike for the ride- get as much of the sun as you possibly can! These unusual transportation modes make for one great memory and some of the best holidays to Cuba.

Taste the Bounty of Nature

Cuba is so rich in its natural resources that there is a vast bounty of foods that entice your senses here. From rum to cigars to coffee, there are tons of things to entice your senses here. Cuban rum is one of the best in the world and Cuban cigars are world-renowned anyway. Coffee from Cuba makes some of the best espresso in the world as well. Be sure to experience these culinary wonders of Cuba with Cuban restaurants and Cigar tours.

With so much to do and so little time, you are surely going to need more than one trip to sunny Cuba.