My Guide To London

London is a place that you need to visit at least once in your life and is worth visiting many times if you get the chance. There is almost too much to do and I love going as often as I can to explore something new and I thought I would make this short guide to talk about what you should be doing when you visit. Enjoy reading!

Head out on the town

Heading out on the town isn’t hard in London and each neighbourhood has its own place to go. I love heading to South or East London in search of an adventure. You really cannot go wrong. If you want something very London you should definitely be thinking about Fabric or XOYO. These places are London institutions that are some of the best nightspots in any place I have ever been. If you are looking for even more fun on a night out you can visit this website.

Eat in a great restaurant

Naturally a great place to start for a meal would be the national dish of the UK, which surprisingly is chicken Tikka Masala. The Brits love it so much that they can call this stunning Indian dish their own national dish! On Sunday you should definitely head for a Sunday Roast, but don’t skimp on the gravy. London has more than this to offer though with some really high quality restaurants and everything in between. The mix of cultures means great Asian food, Indian food, Jamaican food and so much more.

The attractions

There is so much to see in London and there are too many favourites and places of interest to put in this article, so I will focus on some of the good ones. Greenwich is a lovely place with a great park, the National Maritime Museum and the Greenwich observatory too. I also like walking around the Thames because you can experience typical London with St Pauls, the Shakespeares Globe and the Tate Modern (it’s also great because it’s free too!)

Hyde Park should also be on your to-do list and you could spend all day sitting in the sun there, hiring a paddle boat, visiting the various gardens or just riding a bike around. It is the perfect place that all Londoners love.