Exhilarating winter adventures in Ontario you won’t want to miss

Live in Ontario and want to make the most of the upcoming winter? There are no shortage of winter adventures that will help you get your kicks during this cold time of year.

Below, we will share a few ideas that will ramp up the excitement as the snow begins to fly.

1) Skiing at Blue Mountain

While Ontario lacks the massive peaks found in Quebec and the Canadian west, there are still places along the Niagara Escarpment where steeps can be found.

Blue Mountain is one of the best developed spots, as it as has runs that will satisfy those who like to take risks on a habitual basis, while having plenty of fun cruisers for novices and intermediates.

When you aren’t bombing down its slopes, Blue Mountain also offers a selection of eateries, alternate activities like tubing and skating, and a spa that will help take away all your aches away.

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While your friends hit the slopes, you’ll be hitting on 16 and winning big at blackjack. No matter what game you play, though, it is a great way to salvage a winter holiday weekend should you end up stuck in your hotel room.

2) Ice fishing on Georgian Bay

Have the patience of a professional poker player waiting for the right cards to play? If so, ice fishing might be a sport worth trying.

If you are up for it, head up to Georgian Bay, located a couple hours north of Toronto. Rent a hut out on the ice, bring some refreshments, snacks, and family/friends, and you’ll have an amazing experience even if Lady Luck decides to not smile on your fishing line.

3) Snowshoeing in the Muskokas

Want to experience the peace and quiet that only the Canadian wilderness can provide? Head up to the Muskokas, a recreation area where many Torontonians own cottages.

While most visit during the summer, winter has plenty of appeal in this land of lakes and fragrant evergreens, as it is crossed with trails that allow cross-country skiers and snowshoers to find the peace they seek.

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4) Ice climbing in Northwestern Ontario

While it is a two hour flight, and a day and a half of driving from Toronto, the quality of ice climbing available in the Thunder Bay area makes the time spent getting there worth the gamble.

Peppered with waterfalls that freeze solid during the frigid winters here, Northwestern Ontario and parts of Manitoba have an ice climbing season that can last well into May.

Just be sure you are with an expert if you have little or no experience in this sport; it makes no sense to ante up your life when you are a long way from help in the wilderness.