Central America 2010

Mother Nature is Being a Pain in My Ass

It is seven days before my first backpacking trip to Central America.  Right now plans are kind of all over the place with the recent eruption of Volcan De Pacaya just outside of Guatemala City.  The eruption has closed the airport we are supposed to fly into and put a fairly significant dent in our plans for the first few days, which including hiking said volcano.  Now I’m a fan of the extreme, but hiking an erupting, or recently erupted, volcano is just not on my list of things to do.  But I’ve been told there is a chance it could open back up to travelers within a week or so.  We have also been reassured we will be sent to another airport if our destination remains closed.  So basically, I could end up seeing an entirely different part of Central America then I originally planned to see.

Interestingly enough, on the same day as the eruption of Pacaya in Guatemala, another volcano named Tungurahua in Ecuador also erupted.  A day later and I learn that a third volcano, Arenal, has erupted just north of the capital city of Costa Rica. On top of this Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras were just hit with the first named tropical storm system of 2010 which has caused massive flooding, mudslides, and, we can’t forget this one, a gigantic sinkhole in the middle of downtown Guatemala City.  Damn…  So hopefully mother nature will settle down over the next couple of days so I can get a flight to SOMEWHERE in Central America.

Over the course of the next week I will hopefully see my plans re-solidify, but in the mean time I’m just going to take things as they come.  A friend of mine gave me a bit of advice about this situation using the following quote by Mason Williams.

“Don’t go down to the ocean with a notion of what you will see”.

She followed with this next statement that I believe we should all incorporate into our every day lives.

“Fight the urge to want things to go a certain way and to be disappointed with changes because then your mind isn’t truly open to the wonderful things that ARE happening.”

Powerful stuff eh?  Thanks Stacey for your continued words of wisdom!