Central America 2010

Finally… Plans are Set.

Things are slowly returning to normal in Guatemala.  I’ve been in touch with multiple people who either live in or are currently traveling Guatemala and they are all stressing that the country is back open for business, which is great news for the first two weeks or so of my trip.

The country has suffered quite a bit of damage, mainly due to the mudslides suffered in the highland areas.  Some roads are still blocked but the country is urging tourists to begin returning to the area, as the income from tourism will help the country bounce back at a much more significant rate so if you currently have a trip planned to Guatemala I highly encourage you to keep your plans and if you are there between June 9th and June 20th send me a message and maybe we can meet up.

I’ll also possibly be returning to Antigua, Guatemala towards the end of my trip in July to hopefully see any areas I can’t see during the first leg of the trip.  The good news is, the country is on the rebound, and although the tragedy of lives being lost can’t be overlooked, the dangerous conditions seem to be gone for now.

By this time on Wednesday I will be over the Gulf of Mexico, on my way to my first international backpacking trip ever.