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It’s time to visit Iceland!

It’s time to visit Iceland!

Without a doubt Iceland is one the best countries that I have ever visited. It had been on my bucket list since my mother used to tell me tales of her holiday there. It’s strange how I remember the stories from her way back then, I think it really made sparked a fire of intrigue deep inside me.


Well, I can tell you now that I am so glad I heard the tales from my good old mother because Iceland is a country that everyone has to visit! I am sure that you might have seen some photos that friends have posted on Facebook or even seen adverts for the place on TV which look amazing, but wait until you see it for yourself! You will fall in love with this magical country as soon as you step off the plane, at every turn there are fantastic, mind blowing sites, for you to discover. Remember to keep your camera fully charged because I assure you that you will be snapping away all day long.

If you’re heading over to Iceland then I am sure you will do plenty of research and buy an Iceland travel guide. Before you read the guide and make a definitive plan here are 3 things that you really can’t leave Iceland without seeing.

The Blue Lagoon

It’s super close to the airport so you can either make this your first or last stop in Iceland. It is without question Iceland’s claim to fame and the country’s most visited attraction. It’s known for it’s natural hot springs and it’s healing powers, not to mention the natural mud/clay will make you look ten years younger (maybe).


The Northern Lights

This is a must, but it means that you have to visit during the winter months which November to February. This is one of the most spectacular natural phenomenons that you will ever see. You can organise a tour to take you but it is just as easy if you rent a car yourself.

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Snorkelling between tectonic plates

This is where the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates meet at Recijavic. You can take a day trip to where they both met and you can snorkel too. It’s absolutely freezing so you will have to wet wet suit but brave the cold and soak up this one in a lifetime experience.

Have you been to Iceland recently or are you planning a trip soon? I would love to hear your stories, tips and everything that you would recommend to others. All you have to do is write down your thoughts in the comment section below. I can’t wait to read them!