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First Time Going to Ibiza? Here’s What to Pack

Are you planning an exciting trip to Ibiza but it will be your first time ever going there? Then you may be wondering what, exactly, you should pack. If that is the case, rest assured that the tips below will ensure that you take everything you could possibly need to have a holiday that you’ll never forget.


Bikinis and Sunscreen

While in Ibiza, you definitely want to take in all of the gorgeous beaches and the fun outdoor and water activities. So be sure to pack a few pairs of bikinis that will allow you to don a different style every day while feeling confident and looking your best.

But in addition to packing what you’ll wear on the beach, also be sure to pack plenty of high quality sunscreen that will effectively protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun and prevent your skin from getting burnt. After all, the last thing that you want is to end up with severe sunburn that makes your holiday painful.

A Few Pairs of Shoes

Shoes are also a necessary part of your Ibiza packing list. You’ll need sexy shoes for a night out on the town and for dancing the night away in a club, but you also need comfortable flip-flops for the beach, as well as a comfortable pair of sneakers for walking around and seeing the sights.

Just don’t overdo it when it comes to packing shoes. Choose one pair from each category: daytime walking shoes, beach sandals, and dressy shoes. In this way, you won’t end up weighing down your luggage. And, who knows, you may find a gorgeous pair of shoes while shopping in Ibiza, so you want to save room.

At Least One Pair of Stylish Sunglasses

Sunglasses aren’t only necessary while you’re at the beach, they’re also necessary when you’re out sightseeing by day, as well as during your travel to and from Ibiza. You definitely want to protect your eyes, so be sure to pack a pair or two of stylish sunglasses from Just be sure that, regardless of what brand and style you choose, the sunglasses will provide you with 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays that could damage your eyes.

A Photo ID

Another necessity for Ibiza is a photo ID that you can use to get into all of the exciting nightclubs that the area is famous for. You can take a photocopy of your passport if you’re afraid of losing it during a crazy night out on the town, or you can use a driver’s license or UK age card. The key is to have some form of ID so you won’t be refused entry into the club of your choice and so you can dance the night away.

Now that you know a few of the main items that you should definitely pack for your first trip to Ibiza, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll have everything that you need to have the holiday of a lifetime in one of the most exciting and beautiful places on the planet.