Important Packing Tips For Backpackers

The world is a big open space waiting to be explored! Deciding to go on a backpacking adventure can be the most exhilarating time in a persons life. It truly is one of the most educating and eye-opening experience that life has to offer.

As well as been extremely exciting, the idea of leaving home for a lengthy period of time  can be quite daunting. Packing for the trip can become stressful if you are not informed of some tips and tricks to keep in mind when packing.


Here is a simple guide to make packing for your trip that little bit less of an annoyance. In actual fact, you may even enjoy it!

  • The key to an enjoyable backpacking trip can rely on the type of backpack you choose for your trip. No one enjoys traipsing around with an uncomfortable backpack on and so it is highly recommend that you invest in a good quality backpack. When buying a backpack, it is always a good idea to get it adjusted in the shop to suit your requirements. This can prevent unnecessary pressure and discomfort during your trip. Buying a backpack with external pockets and clips can prove to be useful.
  • While packing, it is crucial to pack in accordance to where you intend to travel. If the countries you plan to visit all have the same climate, it can be easier to pack as you will not need to pack clothes to suit different weather conditions. It is essential to pack smartly and make a list of what you think you can not travel without. Think of bringing clothes that are versatile as this can ultimately save space in your bag. You can pick items of clothes up as you travel but it is  a good idea to bring as much as you can as buying clothes can add to avoidable expenses while travelling on a budget.
  • What’s a trip without pictures! A camera is a must have accessory and can capture those unique moments to remember on your trip. Other electronic devices like an e-reader and an ipod can add comfort and entertainment to those long journeys on buses and trains.
  • While toiletries are cheap in most countries, it is always a good idea to bring the essentials with you when leaving home. Things like sunscreen, nail clippers and sanitary products can be that little bit more expensive especially in  developing countries.
  •  A basic first aid kit is one of the most important components that should fill your backpack. It should include contents such as: band-aids, hand sanitizer, anti-diarrhoea medicine and some pain killers. It is also vital that you do some background research on the countries that you intend to visit. Numerous countries have rules and regulations as regards medical issues. In some cases, they will deny visitors access to the country if they have not been vaccinated against certain diseases.

Hopefully this list will eliminate any stress that may be caused from packing for your trip. In turn, this will leave you more time to get excited and look forward to the journey ahead. Less stress, more success!!