How To Plan, Prepare and Enjoy a Long Bus Journey

bus journey

There is no doubt that at some stage of your life you will have to endure an extended bus trip of some sort. These trips can range from anything from 5 hours all the way to mind boggling 48+ hours trips.

bus journey

The length of time more than likely depends on what country or part of the world you are travelling in.

It must be remembered though that bus journeys should be a memorable affair. It’s definitely one of the best methods to see a new country and often is the cheapest. Some people may dread the thought of a 10+ hour bus trip, but with a little preparation and the right mindset, this need not be the case.

Here’s a few long distance bus tips to help you with a stress free trip:


Before you rush out and buy the tickets as soon as you know where you want to go, take some time to fully analyze and research the different options that you have at your disposal. There will probably be different companies running the same route service, so check them out and compare prices and total travel time.

This can not only help save you some money, but it can also decrease the amount of time that you will be stuck on the bus. If it’s not the most comfortable bus, then even an hour less on it is a win!

Know what your preferences are in relation to the bus as well. Do you want air conditioning? If so, then it will be more expensive to non-air conditioned ones. Keep this in mind. It can be tough going in buses with no air-con for a long period of time.

Try and book your tickets online, as there is often a significant reduction in cost compared to just turning up at the station and booking them there.

Seat Selection

You will need to bear this in mind if you don’t want to be disappointed. Motion sickness may not affect you straightaway, but after 12 hours sitting at the back of the bus on the wheel. The best seats to avoid this “bumby” option are the front or middle ones.

If you are looking to catch up on some shut up, then the front of the bus in going to be your best option.

Baggage and Preparation

Make sure that you stack up on a good selection of books(ereader) for the trip. Bang on some music onto your ipod of smartphone as well as a few puzzle games. This will help flick away a few hours for you.

Lock your bags if they are going to be put under the bus, and keep your carry on bag beside you at all times. Also, never put any valuables in your bag that’s stored underneath the bus, or indeed out of your immediate sight.

Keep a stash of medicine like immodium and motillium along with a pain killer, food and plenty of water in your carry on. You never know when you may need it, and its a relief to have it immediately should the situation arise.


Don’t bring unwanted attention to either yourself or your belongings while on the bus. Things and cultures differ in each country and you must be aware as to what is considered good practice and what’s not. Therefore, it’s vital to dress as conservatively and as comfortably as you can, so as not to offend any locals.

Enjoy The Trip

Above anything else, you should be enjoying the scenery and the trip. It’s one of the best ways to experience travel in a country and a great opportunity to befriend to locals who will enjoy your company just as much as you will enjoy theirs.