How To Avoid a Sore Back While Backpacking

backpacking back pain

At some stage, we all run into a few back pains and problems while travelling for extended periods of backpacking. It’s par for the course and something that we just have to put up with from time to time.

backpacking back pain

Our backs start to rebel against the weight of our packs. However, having a sore back doesn’t mean that you have to give up travelling.

There are some precautions you must take however, if you plan on continuing to travel with a back injury or problem. These precautions will not only help ease the pain, but they could also help clear up the problem once and for all.

The simple fact remains – if you have a bad back and you plan on going travelling with a backpack, then you must learn to pack light. Ultralight!

You will need to research and learn every trick there is in order to pack as light as possible. When I say packing light, I don’t mean that you have to leave essential things behind. You’ve just got to become smart and know how to “hack your backpack” :)

Doing back exercises daily must become your religion. These exercises will undoubtedly help strengthen your back. Your core becomes the most important muscle group to try and build up when you’ve got back issues. If you strengthen that up, then your will find that your lower back will also become a lot stronger.

The best thing to do would be to visit a specialist or GP prior to leaving and get them to recommend either a set of exercises, or refer you to someone else that would be more suitable. Either way, spend the money if it needs to be done. The last thing you want is be crippled with back pain while travelling.

You will also be able to research ways to change your backpacking technique. This can greatly reduce the amount of strain on your back.

The use of poles are a great addition to the backpacker who has some lower back pain. These poles will help shift your weight from the back to your upper body. Travelers even use them without a back issue as they find them a lot more comfortable in the long run.

Always make sure that you look after your health while you are away in foreign countries. Just because you have some back pain, this doesn’t mean the end of the journey for you(unless its seriously obviously).

You can learn simple, yet effective tips and techniques along the way that will help you get from A to B in as pain free a route as possible.

Remember the saying – “You’ve only got one back, so take care of it”!