How to Have an Adventurous Week in Bangkok

Bangkok is known for being a city of endless possibilities. Between magnificent temples, busy markets and unrivaled nightlife, there is something in Bangkok for everyone. With over 11 million citizens and a plethora of high-rise buildings, the streets of Bangkok are teeming with adventure. Learning how to have a truly adventurous week in Bangkok is simple; begin by planning your method of arrival, find a place to stay and explore this captivating city.

How to Arrive in Bangkok

As one of the biggest metropolises in Asia, Bangkok has many methods of arrival available. It has two airports, Survanabhumi Airport and Don Muang Airport. Survanabhumi is the most popular airport, especially for international flights. It has only one terminal yet it is one of the biggest terminals in the world. Even with two immigration stations, allow for at least 30 minutes for processing time. Survanabhumi also features a transit hotel, several currency exchangers, restaurants and tax-free shops. Please be aware that both airports are located approximately 30 km away from Bangkok, so be prepared for the transit times between the airport and city.

You may also arrive by making use of Thailand’s comprehensive train system. The State Railway of Thailand has routes coming in from all directions. If you wish to arrive by train, you can arrive at any border crossing and take a train into Thailand.

Where to Stay

Bangkok features a wide variety of hotels, hostels and resorts. There is something to fit any budget, from the frugal-minded traveler to the luxury-seeking tourist. When browsing the locations of Bangkok hotels, keep in mind the area in which they are located. While there are dozens of districts, below is a brief summary of popular vacation areas:


  • Khao San Road – This is considered the city of backpackers, with many affordable accommodations and other services that a budget-minded backpacker will require.


  • Siam Square – This is thought of as Bangkok’s commercial center. It is full of shopping malls and luxury hotels. Since the skytrain intersects it, Siam Square is highly accessible from many other districts.


  • Sukhumvit – The extensive Sukhumvit Road is considered an exclusive district and is popular among upper class Thais as well as expatriates. It is complete with quality hotels and nightclubs.


  • Phahurat – Phahurat Road is located near Bangkok’s Chinatown and is home to a sizable Indian community. This multicultural district is filled with shrines, markets and temples.


Prices can range dramatically from one district to the next, and between hotels within the same district. The difference primarily, however, resides in the quality that is offered by the establishment. Ensure that your ideal lodging has air conditioning, internet access and is well maintained.

The Types of Adventures to Consider

Now that you have planned your arrival and reserved your accommodations, it’s time to plan the adventurous side of your trip. With so many attractions and activities, there is a type of adventure to suit any inclination:


  • Spiritual Adventure – Bangkok is known for its countless temples and spiritual sites. You can plan an adventure to see the spiritual sites located throughout the city. The island Rattanakosin is home to many of the temples, for example. Additionally, the Grand Palace, Wat Pho and Wat Arun cannot be missed.


  • Relaxing Adventure – An adventure shouldn’t be stressful! Consider planning a relaxing week throughout the renowned spas and massage studios throughout Bangkok. Khao San Road and Sukumvit are home to various massage studios and other alternative relaxation techniques.


  • Exploration Adventure – Bangkok has fully embraced its tourist community, and features tours by bike and boat. Explore the city in the streets or by canal, and get a unique perspective of the city.

You Can Have an Adventurous Week

Bangkok is known for attractions and sights that are found nowhere else in the world. Planning an adventurous week in Bangkok begins by booking your flight, reserving your hotel and planning your itinerary. Before you know it, you will be enjoying one of Bangkok’s hundreds of nightclubs, meditating in its ancient temples or relaxing at a world famous spa.



Kyle Patel is a contributing writer and travel enthusiast. He enjoys fully exploring every city he visits and discovering its hidden attractions. Kyle hopes to release a travel guide to help travelers fully experience local cultures.