How to fight hair loss     

When you first start to notice that you’re losing your hair it can really play havoc with your self-esteem. From a personal point of view I found myself wearing a cap or hat at any opportunity when going out. The good news is that we don’t need to get to down once the hairline starts to recede and thin out, that’s because there are now plenty of options out there on the market.

After doing some extensive research here are the top 3 ways for you to fight hair loss and keep your self-esteem at an all time high.

Hair Transplant
In the past people were always concerned about getting hair transplants because they thought it would leave a scar, but now there are many options for a scar-less hair transplant. It takes longer to graft the actual hair, but it will end up greatly reducing your healing time and you can expect to see up to 80 percent regrowth rate. The cost of the procedure depends on how many grafts you need, I recommend checking out a good hair transplant UK to see your options.


Cell Therapy
This technique has been used in other surgical procedures for many years, mainly in cardiology and plastic surgery. Now platelet rich plasma is becoming popular for hair restoration. The technique is recommended as it increases the flow of blood to your scalp, which then reawakens dormant hairs, this stops the process of hair loss. You can usually expect to pay around $1100 for this treatment.


OTC Drugs
Drug such as Propecia are able to prevent hair loss, it also comes with the bonus of preventing prostate cancer. It’s safe to use even at a long age and you’ll be able to use it long term too. People have noted that it can cause some sexual problems, but they will disappear as soon as you stop using it. A study showed that 65 percent of men taking it found it stopped hair loss and in some cases even caused regrowth!

Have you experienced any of these treatments or are you considering them? I would love to hear all about your experiences, reasons for choosing that option and also any tips you might like to share. Just put your comments in the box below, I’m really looking forward to reading everything you have to say.