Discover Italy With Pedal Power

Italy is one of the world’s most visited countries and has so many attractions ranging from the ubiquitous culinary magnificence of the entire nation to the high art and culture of the cities and much more besides. However, it is also a country that is ideal for exploration on two wheels and whilst nipping round Milan or Rome on a Vespa might fill you with romanticism – or dread, depending on your viewpoint – here we are talking about two wheels and pedal power: in other words, cycling.

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Italy is ideal for such a holiday for a number of reasons and the cycling culture, quiet roads (away from the chaos of the cities) and relatively short distances between many major attractions are chief among them. Wherever you choose to go in Italy you will find that cycling allows you to get much closer to the real Italy – the people and the culture – than you ever would if you were simply whizzing around in a hire car or stuck on a tour bus with other tourists, or worst of all, stuck in traffic.

At www.headwater.com you will find a number of excellent cycling holidays in Italy. Going with the support of an experienced organisation has a number of benefits, not least that your bags will be transported between hotels for you, leaving you free to cycle unencumbered by your main luggage. In addition routes, timeframes and hotels are all planned for you whilst detailed maps and route notes mean you can really relax, with the strain of the logistics done by the experts who know the region best.

One area that is particularly wonderful to discover by your own pedal power is Chianti. Most famous, perhaps, for its wine (and a certain fictional serial killer’s love of it!), the unspoilt countryside of this region is a joy to cycle round. Artists and art lovers will love the city aspect of the region, with Florence, Pisa and Siena all within easy reach.

The architecture is stunning and the many museums of Florence, most notably the Uffizi, will thrill anyone with even the slightest interest. Of course, such a holiday is more about the countryside and the area’s many vineyards, olive groves and classical Tuscan panoramas bring a joy and serenity to the mind that is hard to put into words. Cycling with the sun on your back, the warm air scented by wild herbs – and of course the tantalising smells of the local gastronomy – is a real pleasure and the cold, grey skies of home will seem like another world.

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You will also pass through many small towns, villages and hamlets, the most beguiling of which is sure to be San Gimignano, or the Town of Fine Towers. This mesmerising medieval hilltop town will captivate all who visit and is sure to be a highlight of any trip to the region. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the town is also known for its very quaffable wines, and after all the hard cycling (we really mean gentle peddling) you’ll deserve a refreshing glass or two of the local produce.

Such a holiday can be had in many other regions of Italy, with Barolo, Assisi, Puglia in the south and even the islands of Sardinia and Sicily wonderful options for an Italian cycling adventure. Splendid scenery, delectable food and drink and awe inspiring historical and cultural delights are a given almost anywhere in Italy, so why not look into an Italian pedal-powered odyssey today?