Cool Towns to Visit in Ontario

There are so many different cities in the province of Ontario. With all of them offering different and unique experiences, it’s hard to narrow down the list. However, once you decide which company offers the best car rental deals, you can enjoy the mini summaries of some of the town in Ontario we’ve listed below!

Photo by Flickr User catecuerden

Port Stanley

Port Stanly is said to be a city that is “the Best Kept Secret.” This town is quaint and ideal for day trips, those long weekend mini-vacays, or just for a quiet getaway. This city has many sandy beaches and even a winding creek called Kettle Creek that 18th-century explorers used to connect further inland toward London. There are many activities in Port Stanley, including a festival theatre the town hosts every summer that produces plays of drama, comedy, and musicals, outdoor pleasures of birding trails, and beautiful green golf courses.


Bayfield is dubbed the “heritage village on a Great Lake.” Its dedication is apparent with its many marinas and its name in honor of Henry Wolsey Bayfield, who originally scouted the community’s location on top of a bluff overlooking Lake Huron, where the now Bayfield’s port resides. There are many things to do in Bayfield including three beaches, trials for bike enthusiasts, and fishing hot spots.


Dundas, Ontario is a bedroom community of about 24,000 residents. It’s nicknamed the “Valley Town” for its shops, restaurants, and services, which all topple over 100. Not only is it known for its shopping district, it is also home to fine arts, music, and film. It is also one of the best places to experience breathtaking, architectural beauty. Ever heard of a festival devoted to Cacti? In honor of a local greenhouse that specializes in cacti, the town holds a festival in August each year. Live music, a parade, assorted vendors and more can be found at the Cactus Festival!


Geographically known as Minden Hills, this area is an combination of Snowden, Lutterwork, Anson, Hindon, and Minden. Located in the Kawartha region of Ontario, Minden’s roots are in the lumber trade, but in modern times have translated to tourism with its close location to Toronto, which is only three hours away). Minden offers a lovely museum call the Minden Hill Museum where seven heritage buildings mirror what Minden’s mid-1800s style looked like. In addition to Minden’s art scene, there are also plenty of natural experiences including the Minden Riverwalk loop-trail which follows the shores of the Gulf River and the beautiful streets of Minden.

Port Colborne

Port Colborne, aka the “Gateway to Navigation” is located on the north shores of Lake Erie, just 45 minutes south of Niagara Falls. It is a community that supported marine trade, metallurgy, and flour-milling in its beginnings and is now famous for a variety of reasons, including tourism. The Sugarloaf Marina is one of the many Port Colborne main attractions. The marina hosts over 700 slips for day visits, overnight stays, and/or seasonal rentals for boater enthusiasts! The location of Sugarloaf at the entrance of Welland Canal is a premium spot to launch into the pleasures of bass and walleye fishing, shipwreck scuba-diving and gorgeous beaches.

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