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A Review Of The PGA Catalunya Resort

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Spain is awesome for a tourist visit, especially because it is filled with a laid back atmosphere, combined with rich culture and of course friendly people. In addition, it has some of the finest luxury real estate in all of Europe, of course this is usually because much of the country is on the coast. For those who love golfing, it is definitely the place to be, with its great weather and some of the finest golf courses on earth. The PGA Catalunya Resort has one of the best golf courses in Spain, with some of the best villas you could imagine. Here is a short review of this magical place.

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The resort is the perfect family holiday destination and there are a number of facilities for children and adults alike. The backdrop of the beautiful Spanish countryside does not hurt either and it is entirely possible to purchase one of the high class villas here. For those that love shopping, the resort is conveniently located near Barcelona, Girona and Costa Brava. Barcelona is around fifty minutes away, and Girona and Costa Brava are a mere twenty minutes drive from the resort. The resort is located fifty minutes away from Barcelona. The cities of Girona and Costa Brava are all within twenty minutes’ drive from the resort. It is a great opportunity to do some shopping in one of the fashion capitals of Europe.

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Something else worth noting is the Hotel Camiral at PGA Catalunya Resort, which is undoubtedly one of the one of the finest hotels in Spain. It has everything that you could possible need for a relaxed weekend getaway. The hotel also serves some of the finest Spanish cuisine, with the freshest of ingredients from the local area. Of course, this will mean that you can expect to have their taste buds excited like never before, with food that is world renowned for its flair and taste.
The hotel also has a stunning swimming pool, that is entirely child friendly. Whether you want to take a refreshing swim or just bathe in the sun in a sunbed, the choice is truly yours. Visitors can go to relax under the soothing water of the beautifully constructed waterfall that is here. Everything is designed for optimal luxury and the rooms are superbly designed to be spacious and comfortable, with some of Spain’s finest interior designers having taken part in the design of each room.

The resort is definitely worth visiting and I would highly recommend it to anyone that wants to combine some golfing with the famous Spanish sun and lifestyle. There are also special golf tournaments held at the resort during the month of August, which is a perfect time to visit, especially with the warm summer weather. Check out for more information.