Western Europe Summer 2011

A Photo Tour of London Part 1

We have been renting here in London for over a month now because the hotels, and even the hostels, were very expensive for long term! Although we’ve been out of the UK for about half of this time, we’ve had plenty of time to explore the city. At the same time, we could easily stay here for a year and never cover the entirety of the city. London is truly one of the world’s most magnificent cities, and here are some of our favorite major attractions so far.

The Borough Market
The Borough Market

The Borough Market, located in the center of London near the famous London Bridge, is a highlight of the city for us so far, and we’ve gone back three or four times now. With numerous vendors spread throughout the Borough Market, and almost all of them handing out free samples, this a great place to grab a cheap, or even free, lunch and enjoy the hustle and bustle of London.

The Borough Market

The London Eye
The London Eye

The London Eye is a staple of the City of London, and stands tall along the Thames for all to see. We were fortunate enough to be treated to a trip around the Eye for some magnificent views of the city. The see-through glass didn’t make for good photos, but were great for viewing. Below is a photo of the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben from the London Eye, through the fiberglass of course.

A View from the London Eye

The Houses of Parliament
You’ve already been introduced to the Houses of Parliament in the photo above, but it truly needs its own introduction. I was lucky enough to work with a girl whose boyfriend worked in the Houses of Parliament and was willing to give me a free “private tour” of the building. It was an awesome experience, and although I didn’t have my camera on me then, I’ve passed by a few times since then.

The Houses of Parliament from Across the Thames RiverHere is a shot from across the Thames River.

Big BenAnd here is the famous Big Ben.

Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery
Trafalgar Square

The National Gallery is an outstanding free museum in the center of London located on the Trafalgar Square. You can see the photo of the square above, full of people, with Big Ben looming in the background on the left.

The Tower of London
The Tower of London

The Tower of London is one of London’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and was a great stop for us on our meanderings around London. So much so in fact, that I’ll be doing a post with photos and more info on Friday. The Tower has quite a bit of history behind it and is currently the home of the Crown Jewels.

Obviously, this post has barely scratched the surface of even the major attractions in London, let alone what the entire city has to offer, so I can assure you in the next few weeks I’ll post another set of photos from other famous landmarks in London

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  1. Michael Figueiredo

    Great photos! I haven’t been in London since before I had a digital camera. I want to go back someday for sure.

    1. Matt

      Yea, it is a very photogenic city, I definitely recommend a return with your camera!

  2. Cathy Sweeney

    You hit on a huge sweet spot for me, Matt — LOVE London. So much to see and do — I never get tired of it. Great photos!

    1. Matt

      We are absolutely loving it too. Lots of people said they didn’t like it, but I love big cities and the fact that there is always something new.

  3. Vanny

    Very nice photos. I’ve only been to London once and only for a day. These photos make me long to go back!

  4. Ashley

    Love the photos – been wanting to visit London forever!!! Have only had the pleasure of transferring through Heathrow (ugh…).

    1. Matt

      Well next time you transfer just book a longer layover. Direct trains from Heathrow into London all day long.

  5. inka

    I’m glad you went to the Borough Market, so colorful and one of my favorite places too.

    1. Matt

      So colorful and so delicious! A thursday afternoon before the crowds come on Friday and Saturday is just about perfect!

  6. John in France

    I see you managed to find some blue sky in these photos!! Well done!!!

    1. Matt

      Haha, we’ve been very lucky with the weather here. Seems like we brought some Florida sunshine along with us 🙂

  7. jenjenk

    I’ve been to London several times and I’ve yet to go on the london eye. is it worth it?

    1. Matt

      It is definitely a cool experience, but the price tag is pretty damn high… If you can afford it, it is a cool splurge, if for nothing then to say you’ve done it.

  8. Christy @ Technosyncratic

    We’ve been loving London as well! We decided to pass on going up into the London Eye, but I’m sure the views are great.

    1. Matt

      Yea the only reason we did it is because we were treated to it. It was a bit outside of our budget… I can’t believe we haven’t met up at all… I take the blame for that.

    1. Matt

      So much free food! We literally go there and just walk around for lunch 🙂

  9. Christina

    Great pictures! I have yet to go to Borough Market!

  10. robin

    I´ve been to London LOTS but funnily enough never the Borough Market – thanks for sharing!

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