A Boys Weekend In Las Vegas

You only live once. A motto never rang truer than when in Las Vegas, Nevada. The sin city is brimming with fun and mischief that boys love to get up to when on a lads holiday. It’s one of the number one places on earth to throw a bachelor party. It’s got everything a group of guys could ever want when celebrating a final hoorah with a man about to sign off on the party years.

If you’re looking to go all out and have a weekend you’ll never forget these are the must do things to make a perfect boys getaway.


Catch A Show

Vegas is known to get some of the worlds best entertains from around the globe. Singers, comedians, magicians, dancers, acrobats, Las Vegas has a show that will keep your group entertained and make a lasting memory for years to come. The worlds biggest acts come to perform in Vegas and often they will base themselves in the city for a few year contract performing for the many millions of tourist coming to be entertained.


Imagine you and the boys gathered around a table, rolling the dice and hitting the big Jackpot. It’s no big secret that the statistics show you are much more likely to lose money rather than win it in Vegas but the fun is in trying to hit it big. A fun way of gambling is to collect a bit of money from each person and divvy it up on the roulette table. Take turns choosing a number and color. If you walk away a winner use the money to buy the groom some drinks. If you win a lot rent a limousine and head to the next destination

Hit A Club

Nightclubs in Las Vegas are some of the best anywhere in the USA. It’s best to make a reservation and get the VIP service if you’re with a large group. This package usually comes with a waitress, a few bottles of spirits and some mixers. It the perfect way to feel like a superstar.

Pool Party

Las Vegas is hot, it is in the middle of a desert after all. Splashing around in a pool while drinkings cocktails and listening to a DJ spin is a popular way to enjoy the warm weather and have a wild day. Hundreds of people gather and let loose at these massive parties. Often a big name DJ will be keeping the place alive with some great tunes.