Travel Tips

5 Things to Pack in Your Carry-On Bag

If you’re a first-time flyer, it is important that you realize just how useful a carry-on bag is when traveling. Typically included free of charge – assuming you meet the guidelines of your respective airline of course – a carry-on can be a strategic weapon against extortionate fees that are associated with additional checked luggage when flying. In fact, the best carry-on related plans mean that you can avoid the need for any other bag at all.

Now that you know how useful a carry-on bag can be, it’s time to find out what items you should pack. Other than the usual stuff like clothes, read on for five things to include in your carry-on bag.


Whether you’re a backpacker or businessman, a laptop is one of the most versatile things you can include in your carry-on when traveling around. Along with being able to get work done, a laptop also allows you to watch movies, play games, listen to music, and much more.

Oh and here’s a little tip: use a background maker to place memorable pictures – preferably of your family and friends – on your laptop’s background. This is certainly something to do if you’re traveling for a considerable amount of time.   

All money and ID

As your carry-on stays with you at all times, it is self-explanatory why you should keep all your money, ID and important documents within this bag. By doing this, you are significantly reducing the risk of losing these items – and taking into account how vital they are when traveling, that’s certainly an advantage.

Snacks to eat

To avoid paying for pricey in-flight food or via airport shops/restaurants, it is recommended that you take your own snacks to eat. As long as you stay away from liquid-like food such as jam or yogurt, you should be allowed through with your snacks. Think of things like biscuits, sandwiches and potato chips.

With regards to drinks, you don’t need to purchase these once you’ve passed security. For instance, you could bring a water bottle along with you – make it collapsible for more space – and fill it with tap water (as long as it’s drinkable) before you board your flight.

Daily medication

If you have any medication and place this in your checked luggage, this could be potentially hazardous to your health. As well as the small possibility of it being stolen, your checked luggage could also become lost – if something like that happens, you’re going to seriously struggle to get replacement medication if you’ve flown abroad.

Toiletries… but be careful

Don’t worry if you’re only traveling with a carry-on bag – you are still able to pack your toiletries. This is certainly advantageous, because purchasing such things from airports can be unexpectedly expensive. With that said, you have to take precaution when taking toiletries in your carry-on. While rules might be different depending on where you are flying from, typically stick to small travel-size bottles and/or small clear bottles that you can fill with what you need.