Central America 2010 Trip Timeline

UNESCO World Heritage Site #1 – Antigua, Guatemala

I’ve decided to start posting a list of the UNESCO World Heritage sites that I visit during my travels, as many of them are amazing places to visit that provide a lot of cultural and historical insight about the countries they reside in. I got the idea to do this from Everything-Everywhere.com, as Gary has been keeping track of the sites he has visited for years now and is well over 100! So here is my first!

click photo to enlargeAntigua, Guatemala

Antigua, Guatemala is a small colonial city in the highlands of Guatemala. I visited Antigua in June of 2010 during my trip to Central America and absolutely fell in love with this quaint little town. Some may be turned off by the touristy feel of Antigua, but as one of my first stops, during my first backpacking trip, it has found a place in my heart. You can read the official description from the World Heritage website here.

Click here for a complete list of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites I’ve visited.


Michael Figueiredo (StruxTravel) December 20, 2010 at

I was inspired by Gary at Everything-Everywhere too! I wrote something about UNESCO World Heritage Sites a couple months back. I love your idea to devote a post to each one you’ve visited too!

Robin December 20, 2010 at

Wonderful shot!

Matt December 20, 2010 at

Thanks, one of my favorites from this trip!

Jeremy B December 20, 2010 at

My wife visited here a few years ago and loved it. I think we even have a painting from Antigua somewhere in our house!

Matt December 20, 2010 at

If you look through some of my other photos (in the sidebar) I’ve got a picture of a guy doing a painting of an Antigua street. Pretty cool photo if I do say so myself 🙂

Jade December 20, 2010 at

Gorgeous shot! We really want to make it down there, hopefully in 2011!

Adam December 21, 2010 at

Beautiful picture! Central America is a region that we’ve inexplicably skipped over thus far in our travels. We really need to move it up the list.

Matt December 21, 2010 at

I highly recommend it!

Cam January 6, 2011 at

Ah, Guatemala seems to keep coming up lately (as does Belize). We’re getting super close to pulling the trigger and traveling that area in April… thanks for the inspiration… could it be the tipping point? Time will tell amigo! 😉

Matt January 6, 2011 at

Definitely let it be the tipping point! You won’t regret it!

Kristy February 7, 2011 at


We do that too! You can see our list of UNESCO Sites on my blog! Keep it up~

Matt February 7, 2011 at

Nice! It’s a good way to keep track of your travels! Good luck with your list!

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