Why You Should Visit Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

One of the most exciting destinations in the world is, undoubtedly, the amazing Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro. While it has long been renowned by knowledgeable travelers as one of the best places to visit on the planet, it has not been until more recently that it has started to become more prominent in the mainstream awareness. Rio de Janeiro is packed full of amazing attractions and things to do and will leave a lasting impression on any tourist who chooses to visit. In the paragraphs below we cover the very best of these to make sure you hit the ground running as soon as you arrive in Brazil’s coolest and most energetic city.

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Awesome Sporting Competitions

Rio de Janeiro has always been one of the best places for sport in the world, however, in 2014 and 2016, this will be raised to a completely new level with the city hosting the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics. These two festivals of sporting action are fabulous events to attend by themselves and are adding a whole new dimension to this already incredible city. Be sure to pick up car excess insurance before you hire a car in Rio de Janeiro as with the sheer busyness of the city at these times being like nothing seen before, the likelihood of something happening requiring compensation will definitely increase. Better safe than sorry!

Incredible Attractions

Rio de Janeiro hosts so many must-see attractions that it can be difficult to fit them all in to your schedule no matter how long you book for! One of the best attractions is the Botanical Gardens, which is a delight to behold. Despite being in South America it is very European in feel and boasts and astounding array of plants and trees. Another place in Rio de Janeiro, which is essential to visit, is the Maracana football stadium. It is hard to find another stadium to rival its atmosphere or history in terms of hosting important matches and star players. The beaches on offer are some of the most exciting and passion filled in any country anywhere in the world. The music, volleyball, dancing, food, incredible sunsets and wonderful waters to look out onto make it an unparalleled experience that will blow away event the most seasoned of travelers and make them want to keep coming back for more.


Simply put, Rio de Janeiro surpasses tourist’s already high expectations and is a must-visit city!