Why Italy is the Perfect Destination for a High End Adventure Holiday


Italy is famed for its romance, culture, and beauty, but it is not only a place for highbrow historians, art students, and fashionistas on a weekend shopping spree. It also has an awful lot of excitement to offer the erstwhile adventurer. Outside of its storied cities, it has some of the most picturesque and awe-inspiring scenery in the entirety of Europe, so if you’re looking for somewhere new to explore, here is why Italy might just be the ideal destination…  

#1: Adventurers Can Explore the Glorious Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is famed throughout the world for its romantic sunsets and picturesque panoramas, but it is more than a place to drink wine and toast to your future. It also offers some spectacular landscapes to explore, from lemon tree lined tracks to olive groves, old world vineyards, and tiny villages clinging on tightly to jagged cliffs that rear up against the skyline before plunging to the sea.

#2: You Can Step Back in Time and Climb the Towers of San Gimignano

If you want somewhere a little different to add to your adventurous itinerary, we recommend the perfectly preserved medieval town of San Gimignano. Nestled atop the hills of Tuscany, it gives visitors the chance to step back in time and see the world returned to an earlier incarnation. Walk beneath its towering arches and through its winding alleys to reach the top of the town, before ascending its ancient ramparts to admire the exquisite Tuscan vista laid out before you like the painting of a Renaissance master.  

#3: You Can Prove Your Mettle and Brave the Via Ferrata

If you’re not yet convinced that Italy can sate the wanderlust in your heart, it’s time to unveil the adventure lover’s pièce de résistance: the famed Via Ferrata. Hidden away in the heart of the breath-taking Dolomite Mountains, these perilous routes are linked together by nothing more than cables, flimsy ladders, and bridges. Revealing an awe-inspiring beauty that was once the reserve of only the bravest rock climbers, they were first installed to facilitate the movement of troops over the mountains during World War One, but today give hardy walkers the chance to see some truly spectacular scenery.
If you’re in search of the next destination to add to your global itinerary, why not book a trip to Italy today and experience all that it has to offer for yourself?