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What to Expect From a Family Camping Holiday

Camping is a holiday choice which more and more families are looking to choose, as the perfect way to spend their annual holiday. In many cases families will like to go abroad for their summer holiday, and tag on a camping trip as a second, cheaper holiday choice. My family and I absolutely adore going camping here in the UK and camping in Cornwall is usually our preferred place for our holiday. There are camping spots all over the UK however and if you and your family want to do something just a little bit different, this could be the perfect choice for you. I wanted to give you a quick run down of what you can expect when you do take your family camping.

Starry Skies

Most of us don’t get the opportunity to witness the best of Britain on a  nighttime, when all of the stars come out to play. As you can imagine most campsites are set in the heart of nature with minimal light pollution which means that you can see the nights sky in all its splendor when you go camping.


How much time do you sit and talk with your family? If you are anything like ours you will probably say that you do spend time together but nowhere near enough. When you go camping things change, you have much more time together with far less distractions, and this means that you can spend that time reconnecting with your partner and your kids. A camping trip provides valuable family time and gives you the chance to talk like you normally can’t do in the ‘real world’.


Near most campsites across the country you will find a huge range of activities to get involved in from hiking to kayaking, climbing to caving, rafting to archery and everything in between. Something which we love to do is to pack up our bikes on the back of the car and head off on some mountain biking trails, a great way to get active and have some fun at the same time during your camping trip.

Backwoods Cooking

Unless you plan on going fancy camping where you have a supply of electric and water, you will be going back to basics when you cook for the family during your trip. Expect to be cooking sausages and baked potatoes in tin foil on the fire, and to be melting marshmallows over the raw flame on a nighttime.


My favorite part about going camping is the ability to get back in touch with nature, and to show the kids how to enjoy their natural surroundings. Many kids don’t get the chance to get out and about in nature so a camping trip is the perfect time to  let them go out and explore. Furthermore there is also something incredibly soothing and rehabilitating about nature, and when you return to your normal life you will find yourself fully recharged and ready to go.

This is the campsite which we stayed in during our last trip to Cornwall, I’d highly recommend it.

Perran Springs Holiday Park