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Vienna for Backpackers

By Ahmed Ahmed

When it comes to the classic backpacking destinations, Austria’s capital Vienna doesn’t exactly spring to mind. The well-groomed city, famous for its coffee shops and opera house, has a reputation for being somewhat stiff. But don’t believe it for a second. As this article from apartment rental site shows, the city has a lot to offer you if you’re looking for adventure and excitement.


Rest your head

Photo by flickr user jwillier2

As a backpacker, the last thing you probably want to do is spend all your hard-earned cash on fancy bedding and a plush place to stay, both of which Vienna has plenty. That being said, you don’t have to compromise your comfort by staying in a flea-ridden shack at €2 either!

The sprawling Austrian capital has a range of reasonably-priced, clean and exciting hostels where you can meet like-minded adventurers. Another option, especially if you’re travelling in a group, is to rent out a short-stay apartment in the city. You can stay for a few days or a few weeks, sometimes paying the same as you would for a night in a hostel.


Grab a bite to eat

Photo by flickr user Pink Poppy Photography

Vienna has more to offer a hungry traveller than its coffee and sachertorte (chocolate and apricot cake), although both of these are delicious, so you should try them if you get the chance. But the city is the equal of its fellow European metropolises when it comes to world cuisine. You can find everything from Thai noodles to Turkish kebabs to Spanish tapas, and without spending a fortune. Just don’t neglect the famous wiener schnitzel, Vienna’s signature breaded meat dish.


Wet your throat

Photo by flickr user Lena_Ni

Austrians, like their German cousins, love to unwind with a generous glass of beer. To join them, head to one of Vienna’s many Gastgärten, traditional open air beer gardens where they serve great value brews, along with hearty Germanic specialties like bratwurst (meat and sausage) and schweinsbraten (pot-roasted pork).


Rock the Danube

Photo by flickr user elektrowuerstel

Vienna’s musical credentials are pretty hard to beat. This is the city where greats like Strauss, Haydn and Mozart all earned their stripes. While fans of classical music will find plenty to keep them amused at the famous Opera House, look further afield for a more eclectic blend of musical options. Drop into a jazz bar for a laid-back drink, catch a live rock performance in the open air, or get a ticket to Vienna’s wildest modern music event – the Donauinselfest. This annual party on the River Danube attracts thousands of revellers with its big name line-ups and carefree atmosphere.