Travel made easier with the right accessories

After a hard year of working away and saving all your money, one of the few luxuries we reward ourselves with is an annual holiday. Whether that’s two weeks in the sun on a beach somewhere, or a one week caravan holiday in the Cotswolds. Whatever your preferences are, this annual holiday is eagerly awaited by many.

One of the biggest problems about going on holiday and some say the most stressful part of your holiday is deciding what to take and what to pack. I know I always pack at least three days before I depart, unpack and then pack again. But there is an art to packing, first of all it all depends on what kind of holiday you’re deciding to go on, what I mean by this is, you wouldn’t take a pair of flip flops if you were going on a skiing holiday would you? Another problem I’ve found is that a lot of airlines have a restriction on the amount of weight you can check-in, making packing a little bit of a juggling act, because we tend to want to pack for every possibility and occasion.

We have all heard the saying “she’s brought everything but the kitchen sink” well it doesn’t have to be like this, because the good thing about travel is the booming industry of travel accessories. And with online companies like Urbane Traveller  selling all sorts of travel accessories and luggage, this one stop shop makes it a whole lot easier for you to pack the essentials and not over pack like most of us tend to do. I know this from first-hand experience; I’ve been on my holiday and only used half of what I had originally packed.

But like I said above, it’s important to pack the right things for the right holiday, and it’s not just the packing, choosing the right luggage can be just as important. For example, if you’re going on a package holiday then a suitcase would be perfect due to the fact that package holidays usually involve transfers to and from the hotel so you don’t need to be carrying it that much. If you’re more adventurous and going travelling which may involve a lot of countries and boarder crossings, then a good sturdy rucksack would be more advisable, because let’s face it dragging a suitcase around is far from ideal on this kind of holiday.