Top Ten Things To Do in Cape Verde:

The Beaches!

Cape Verde offers some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, particularly Sal and Boa Vista. White sand as soft as silk for miles with water crystal clear and blue to the horizon, there’s a reason it’s number one on the top ten things to do.

Photo by Flickr user Andrew Gibson

Water Sports!

Cape Verde has the perfect water conditions for all types of water sports. You can learn various activities including windsurfing, kite surfing, body boarding, and surfing with experienced instructors or go at your own level of experience without instruction!


Turtle Turtle!

Cape Verde is home to the 3rd largest nesting site for Loggerhead turtles. Enjoy a rare and rewarding experience of nighttime Loggerhead excursions in between the warm months of July and October.



Cape Verde’s waters are extremely warm making the perfect atmosphere to learn to scuba dive. There are many prime locations to explore including shipwrecks and hidden treasures of Cape Verde.


 Big Game Fishing!

Cape Verde is the perfect destination for big game fishing. Blue Marlin Tuna, Wahoo and Amberjack are just a few among the abundance of fish that swim the beautiful waters.


Mindelo Carnival and Baia das Gatas Music Festival!

Looking to dance to the cultural traditions of Cape Verde? During February you can take your dancing feet to the Mindelo Carnival and come back for more when the Baja das Gatas Music Festival comes alive in the month of October!



The extraordinary volcanic Island of Fogo is another must-do experience. Travelers can climb the volcano, sample wine and coffee all the while against the beautiful backdrop of the Fogo atmosphere.


 Cidade Velha!

For those of you travel buffs, the UNESCO site, Cidade Velha on the Island of Santiago offers an abundance of historical gems and whips you away back to the period of slavery and colonialism in Africa.


 Santo Antao!

One of the most beautiful islands in Cape Verde is Santo Antao. Take the breathtaking voyage form Porto Novo to Paul up and over the clouds and down in to the fruitful land. The island looks like the setting of a mystical adventure movie. A sight to see!


 Traditional Cape Verdean Evening!

To really dive into the culture of Cape Verde you must join in on the tradition of listening to the country’s music, the Morna, made famous by Cesora Evora (a national icon), witness a demonstration of the local dance in which you can join in, and sample the national dish, Catchupa, paired with Fogo wine!


Cape Verde has so much to offer for travelers. With its beautiful colors of blue, white, and pops of color originating from culture, Cape Verde is a treasure just waiting to be discovered by you!