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Tips for using a camping stove

Once you have chosen one of the many forms of camping stoves, now it is time to learn some more about appropriate ways to use it. These are important to consider because stoves can present a danger of fire and should be treated with respect as a result. This article will go through some of the things you should consider when using your camping stove.


Use your stove only on a level surface

It is important to only use your stove on a flat surface to prevent any unnecessary causes of fire or risk of losing your food and burning yourself. As well as this you should make sure the the area that you cook in has no flammable materials nearby. You may need to dig a small hole to use your stove and clear the surrounding area of things like leaves and tree branches.

Check the connections

Before using any stove with liquid gas or a cannister it is extremely important to check that all connections, valves or fuel lines are tight and that there is no wear in any hoses or tubes. If there are these could pose a risk with leaking gas and can also affect the performance of your stove to cook with. These precautions should be undertaken before you go on any trip, so that if there is an issue you can fix it immediately. If you do not do this, you may be stuck in the middle of nowhere with a stove that is not only dangerous, but may not work.

Cook in open spaces

It is important that you do not cook inside your tent or in an enclosed space, this is because carbon monoxide poisoning can become a serious risk to your life. It does not matter how cold it is, go outside and be safe!

Know the capacity

Each type of stove available has a different capacity in terms of burn time, it is up to you to ensure that you know rough amount of time that your stove fuel will last for. One of the biggest issues people have is using a canister of fuel on multiple hikes or trips and they run out. It is important to bring more than enough fuel to cover your journey. Think about the length of your trip and the number of people going on it and make a decision based on this.