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The must do list for Dubai

A holiday to Dubai is a great choice, you can experience culture and also see some of the most mind blowing architecture on the planet. Dubai holidays are increasingly popular because they are some great flight deals out there at the moment, so take advantage of the offers while they are there. Once you’ve booked your flight you need to plan what you will do when you arrive in Dubai, we’re here to help so here’s our list of things you must do when you go on holiday.


The Burj Khalifa

No trip to Dubai would be complete without going up the Burj Khalifa, it is the tallest building on the planet! Don’t worry you won’t have to walk up, you can step into the world’s fastest lift that will take you to the top in a matter of seconds. You will get unrivalled views of Dubai so remember to bring your camera, the views are quite simply mind blowing! You can reserve your tickets before you go, there’s an online booking system which will allow you to get your place for the sunset.

The Burj Al Arab

Dubai is all about excess, and nothing screams this more than the only 7 star hotel on the planet. The building itself is iconic and is one of the gems in Dubai’s skyline. The luxurious hotel is definitely worth a visit. You don’t have to step inside but you should take some photos at the very least. If you do want to go for a drink then head up to the bar, but if you’re on a budget head over the road to the opposite hotel for more reasonably priced drinks.

Go Skiing

Yes, that’s right, go skiing! If the architecture blows you away then seeing a ski slope inside a shopping mall will knock you off your feet. Outside in Dubai it is absolutely boiling, so remember to pack some warm clothes to deal with the freezing temperatures. You can either ski freely or you can get a lesson from one of the instructors at the slope. If you get a little thirsty or hungry then you can stop at the cafe which is located half way down the skiing slope. You should visit this place because it just seems crazy that you can go skiing in Dubai when it’s around 50 degrees outside.

Where ever you choose to visit, you are certainly going to have a great time and will want to go back another time.