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The Best Sites and Attractions in Tenerife

For those of you that have been lucky enough to visit Tenerife you will know just how amazing the place is and what a fantastic choice it is for a holiday. If you haven’t been yet, then why not? The sunshine and beaches are waiting for you right now, it is just a couple of hours away on plane. If you booked your holiday now you could be lounging on the beach, forgetting about the horrible weather and stresses of life back home, by tomorrow morning! I don’t think, given the current weather in the UK, that anything sounds more appealing right now.

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There is so much to see and do there, so whether you like to sit on a beach and get a great tan you can. The same applies for those that like to get out and about and see everything that this brilliant location has to offer. Before I go into what I think are the best attractions, a special mention should go to whale watching in Tenerife Canary Islands. It is quite possibly one of the most magical experiences of my life, if you want to have a lasting memory then I urge you to do this when you visit Tenerife. Make sure that you have your camera fully charged and the memory card empty because I know that you are going to take so many photos. Once you have said hello to the whales it’s time to discover everything else.

Would you believe me if I told you that some of the best sites and attractions in Tenerife won’t cost you a penny? Well you should because there are so many attractions for you to visit where you won’t have to put your hand in your pocket. This will free up some cash to spend on great food, drinks and other attractions. If you visit during the summer then you are very lucky indeed! There are things called Romerias, these take place in lots of villages. A Romerias is a little festival where there is music, food and lots of traditional games. The best thing is that the food on offer is absolutely free, so head to one and feast on lots of local delicacies, you may even try some great family recipes.

If you like to stroll around museums then head to the government run museums at the weekend. The reason to go during the weekend is because it is free to get in. The best museums that i visited were the Anthropological Museum and the Museum of Man and Nature. Look at for the Bono cards that you can buy, the card will give you discounts on public transport and for entry into museums on weekdays.