The Best Places to Eat in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is home to some of the best restaurants in the world while many of the world’s finest chefs head over to the Emirates to ply their trade. Of all the countries, Dubai certainly has the best chefs who serve delectable delights to all food enthusiasts. Dubai hotels and restaurants serve mouth-watering cuisines that you would definitely enjoy.


With the tourist industry growing and becoming more varied, the restaurant scene has followed suit, so there is now more variety than ever before. There is a huge number of restaurants for you to choose from in Dubai, with many types of cuisines that will suit all budgets. If you love food then you will most definitely love Dubai!


Celebrities are often snapped by the press emerging out of the number of fancy restaurants that Dubai houses. You would be hard pressed to find another country, which has so many world famous chefs cooking up culinary delights for the taste buds. Chefs such as Gordon Ramsey and even Jamie Oliver have all contributed to the food in Dubai.


My advice to you is to eat as much food as you can whilst you’re in Dubai because if you don’t, then you will certainly regret it when you get back home. You cannot plan to stick to a certain diet if you wish to visit Dubai for it would be a crime to miss out on the amazing food that it has to offer.


So now that you know that Dubai has some amazing restaurants to eat at, which ones should you choose?


Rhodes Mezzanine

Named after the famous British Chef Gary Rhodes, this Michelin starred restaurant is bringing modern British cuisine to Dubai. Make sure you book a table as it is a favourite amongst locals and tourists.



This is one of the most romantic restaurants in Dubai. It sits on the famous Creek and you can see the lights glistening over the water. If you want to try Persian food, then this is the only spot to visit in Dubai.


Noodle House

You can tell that this is a fantastic restaurant because it is always packed with customers coming to enjoy the Pan-Asian cuisines. You sit down on long wooden communal tables and place an order by using a sheet of paper where you can tick the boxes to show what food you want. This is a place with great food and great prices –my favourite!