The Best of New Zealand’s North Island

New Zealand is that island country you’ve always dreamed of visiting, thanks to its heavenly beaches, clear waters and serenity that can’t be found anywhere else. It is the country where the world’s southernmost capital city lies, and the only place where the word “Kiwi” is used to describe a bird, and not a fruit. It is the country where Queen Elizabeth II reigns, although for now she is well represented by a Governor General, and it’s also where cash has almost disappeared, thanks to the intensive use of credits cards. There’s so much more to New Zealand however, so if you’re thinking about visiting the North Island this year, here are some of the highlights you shouldn’t miss out on!


Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, can be considered Nature’s playground thanks to the stunning landscapes it offers tourists. In the west, the rainforest seamlessly meets with the black sand beaches, while the east is heavenly adorned with golden coastlines and red-flowering pohutukawa trees. The north flaunts its hills of wine and breath-taking coastlines, whereas the south boasts country gardens, untouched forests and peaceful bays, perfect for relaxing. Auckland also shelters 48 volcanic cones, a view which flatters both the city and the harbour’s best assets.



Nicknamed ‘the World’s Coolest Capital’, you should definitely stop by Wellington when visiting New Zealand this year. You can relax at Oriental Bay, check out the city’s best museums, theatres and art galleries or enjoy outdoor activities like seawater kayaking and mountain biking. Wellington’s waterfront is just around the corner and Kelburn is probably the best place in the world to enjoy an ice cream. Furthermore, if you are a foodie, then Wellington is the perfect place for you, thanks to the delicatessens it offers and countless cafes and restaurants; good food and fine wines transform this little capital into a must-see attraction.


Rotorua is the Maori culture’s city, and home of boiling mud pools and hot springs. This is also the place where Earth’s power surfaces in the form of intense geothermal activity. If you are a fisherman or you simply enjoy the peacefulness the sport brings, here you can feast your eyes, and afterwards your taste buds, with a big trout! During wintertime, Rotorua becomes home to the best skiers and snowboarders in the world, so there’s always something to keep you busy.


Relaxing on the North Island’s west coast beaches is another activity you can take pleasure in while visit New Zealand, and even if you you’re not a professional surfer, don’t worry! There’s plenty of opportunity to learn how to surf in Raglan, where you can also find the longest left-hand breaks in the world! Either way, there’s no doubt that yo’ll have the time of your life here. Additionally, if you want to combine adventure with carved beauty, you can explore the New Plymouth coastal walkway until you reach the Wind Wand, a piece of art designed by Len Lye, a true pioneer in the kinetic art.