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The Best Of Bromley

Bromley is more relaxed than central London and that’s exactly why I love it there. It is a great shopping destination, is a break from all the crowds and has loads of attractions and activities. I was first introduced to the place by one of my Bromley escorts who gave ma an awesome tour of the place. Here are some of the best things that she showed me, they’re all perfect things to do on a date:

Down House

What’s so special about a house you may ask. Well this house is famous because it is was the family home of Charles Darwin. It was here that he wrote so many famous book that shape the world we live in today. The grounds are beautiful and a great place to stroll around and chat to each other. You can even get an interactive tour of the house if you feel like learning more about the famous Mr Darwin.

Crystal Palace Park

This place is a must see if you’re in Bromley. It was first created back in 1851, the intention being to impress and bring foreigners in to marvel at the beauty. It certainly has continued to do that, it is believed to be the most important park in the whole of the country. There’s lots to see and do here; the national sports centre, model dinosaurs and then a fantastic maze to get lost in.

Chislehurst Caves

These man made caves date back to around the thirteenth century. They were created by the Druids and also the Romans, and they’ve been used for many different things through out the ages; they were mines, ammo depot, air raid shelters, concert venues and even a mushroom plantation. These caves have seen it all and have now become one of the best places for tourists to visit in the UK.

Christmas Tree Farm

If you’ve traveled to Bromley then you should visit at least one farm. There’s no better place that Christmas tree farm! Here you can get up close with some amazing wildlife; rabbits, birds plus llamas. It’s a great place to visit whatever your age – the locals absolutely love it which is always a good sign.