The best family adventure vacations around the world

As you plan the next family vacation, the most important thing to consider is where you will go and what you will do. Any trip with family is great, but maybe it’s time to plan a unique vacation that you’ll all remember for years. There are so many good ways to do this like a Disney holiday in Florida. Whether you stay close to home, or venture far afield, here are some of the best family adventure vacations around the world.

Invitation to India

Getting close to wild animals may sound scary, but in India, you can see wild tigers and ride camels and elephants. Your trip may include a sunrise boat ride on the holy River Ganges, a curry cooking class, or a Bollywood movie. Your India experience is complete with a visit to the Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal translates to Crown of the Palace, and it is where Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan housed his favorite wife’s tomb. The enormous white marble building was commissioned in 1632, and you won’t want to miss its delights.

A preference for Peru

Hiking is a great activity that nearly everyone in the family can do. The Inca Trail in Peru will satisfy your wandering spirit as you trek through and camp in the mountains, take boats trips, and encounter rainforest wildlife such as monkeys and macaws. A four-day trip starts with the legendary Machu Picchu, an amazing manmade wonder. The site has over 3,000 stone steps connecting its many different levels.

Imagining Ireland

How about combining hiking with horseback riding? In Ireland, you can plan a riding escapade in County Sligo. Your scenery will be the Atlantic Ocean’s coastline, mountains, lochs (lakes), and historical sites. When you’re done there, head to County Kerry for amazing hikes on the Beara Peninsula and in Killarney National Park. You’ll see why it’s called the Emerald Isle when you view the palette of greens prominent on the Ring of Kerry.

Aiming for Austria

If cycling is more your scene, head to Austria for a breathtaking mountain trek starting in Fügen and winding through lovely Tyrolean valleys. There are lots of routes, depending on your pace. On your trip, you will go through the gorge at Wolfsklamm, where you’ll want to get off your bike long enough to cross the High Bridge, which dates back to 1497. You won’t be too far from Salzburg, and a visit to the birthplace of composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and a tour of the castle should certainly be on your itinerary.

Interesting Iceland

If you want to combine some of these outdoor activities with hot springs, head to Iceland. The country is called the Land of Fire and Ice because its icy environment is host to geothermal phenomena such as hot springs, boiling mud pools, and geysers. On one day, you can hike over a glacier and then take a dip in the hot springs. The next day, you can ride horses before heading to Reykjavik to see the Settlement Exhibition, a museum exploring the archaeological excavation showing human settlement of Iceland since 871.

Preparing for your travels

What do you need for great family adventures? You will want the right gear for your exploits, such as cycling shoes, hiking backpacks, and sunglasses. For any vacation with extensive physical activities, you should plan for muscle strain. If you study the facts about copper for kids, you will learn that compression clothing is not only safe for kids, but it can also help with sore muscles during and after your trail excursions. The copper and zinc-infused fabrics are also great for adults.

It’s wise to get you and your family physically ready for your trip. If you’ll be hiking, start taking walks while carrying a backpack. Prepare for a cycling trip by building mileage on family bike outings. Simply increasing your physical health can help you adjust more quickly to time and dietary changes.

You also need to check out some nitty-gritty details for your trip. Besides booking a reputable tour, you’ll need to research passport and visa requirements for certain countries. Some countries also require vaccinations before you arrive, and being prepared for inadequate water supplies is important. Be sure to consult with your tour company or a travel guidebook for the proper clothing for the weather and other terrain conditions.

Not every family looks to go on adventure-filled vacations, but if you want to experience the wilds of nature, up-close history, and manmade wonders, there’s a dream trip out there for you and your family. Start your explorations today!