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Tech To Pack When Travelling


Technology has become an integral part of travel today and can make life so much easier and more convenient. With all the waiting that comes with interstate and international travel it is no wonder that people are coming up with devices and gadgets to help make the long waits just that little bit easier. Here are some things that you absolutely need to take with you the next time you travel.

Travel Adaptor

This is definitely number one when it comes to travel equipment and this should be the first thing that you are putting into your backpack before you head to the airport. Travel adaptors are so important because they allow you to power all of your devices and without this there is no point in reading the rest of the article! Universal adaptors are great because it means that you don’t necessarily need a very specific adaptor for that the location that you are in and is great if you are going to multiple countries in one trip.

A good pair of headphones

Good headphones are an investment into your travel lifestyle and you should definitely feel free to spend a bit more on these, because they are going to help you more than you can possibly believe. Pick something that is comfortable and you can wear for hours on end and won’t make your ears sore. This is especially helpful on a plane when you will generally be wearing them for a long period of time. Make sure that you also have the double adaptor that is used on the planes, because not all planes will take the standard 3.5mm stereo jack that you see on most devices.


Chargers are probably number two when it comes to . The best chargers will of course be of a compact size, so that they do not impact other things that you need to carry, but strong and durable to withstand all the bumps and shocks that they will get along the way in your bag.

A power bank

Power banks in recent times have gained a lot of popularity due to their high capacity and ability to charge almost any device that you wish. These comes in many shapes and sizes, but the best ones for travel should be compact and provide enough power to fully charge your smartphone or other device at least once.


Remember that everything mentioned in this article are electrical products that need to be treated with respect so that they can last for many trips abroad, it is important to also know how to use them safely abroad. Electrical Safety First have produced this great guide about safety when travelling to help keep you and your electronics safe when you travel.