Personal Update

Seaview Paradise Beach and Mountain Holiday Villas

We recently visited the island of Koh Samui and decided to stay in a beautiful resort called Seaview Paradise Beach and Mountain Holiday Villa. It is nestled away in a pristine area of Lamai Beach. We were really excited about visiting the island of Koh Samui but more excited about staying in this resort as the pictures on the website looked absolutely amazing.


Upon our arrival at the resort, we realised that our stay there was going to be a memorable one. We met Gary, the owner, who couldn’t have been more helpful. He is a charismatic and friendly guy who has a genuine love for the work that he does. Gary and Chai escorted us to our villa where they gave us a tour, and provided us with all the information that we needed about the resort and the local area. They were both very informative and they couldn’t have done more for us. Gary even invited us for a night out to see a local rock band play in an Irish Bar called ‘The Shamrock’ – I’ll have more about that later!!


We stayed in a two bedroomed mountain villa which gave impressive views over the turquoise waters of Lamai Bay. The view from our balcony was somewhat captivating and breath-taking. After we dropped our bags into our room, we just lay on the deck chairs watching the sun set over on the East side of the mountain. The villa itself was extremely comfortable and beautifully furnished. Its design was very fitting and the fact that there was a boulder in our bedroom was somewhat distinctive and special! I felt that the design of the villas was quite remarkable as each one was built without disrupting the natural state of the environment. It really was special.


The room itself was decorated and maintained to an extremely high standard, we had cable TV and a great WIFI connection, which was really good considering we were staying so high up in the mountain. We had our own cooking facilities and a dining table that was perched right on our balcony – where better to sit back and eat while taking in the stunning scenery?!


Just around the corner from our villa was the eco-friendly chlorine free infinity edge swimming pool and Jacuzzi. And boy was it a sight to behold! The Jacuzzi was on the top level and the swimming pool underneath, both offering spectacular views of the ocean and the magnificent coastline. There were little areas that were privately segregated with comfortable deck chairs. Needless to say, this is where we spent most of our mornings!


We took Gary up on his offer of a night out and we hit ‘The Shamrock’ Irish bar on the Monday night. We met Gary and another guest in the bar at 9pm. Gary highly recommended the rock band that we were there to see and they certainly lived up to his appraisals. They were energetic, enthusiastic, friendly, lively, extremely passionate about music and each band member had an amazing voice. They played for three hours straight without taking a break and I found myself feeling tired just looking at them…the level of energy that they had was off the charts!! We all had a great night out and thoroughly enjoyed the performance and the atmosphere. Gary invites his guests out with him once a week to watch this band, and I think it is such a lovely gesture by Gary to want to spend time with his guests. It’s a testament to show how much Gary cares for his guests as it’s very rare that you get invited on a night out with the owner of a resort/hotel.


I could ramble on forever about this particular retreat as it was so different and really stood out from any place that we have stayed at in the past. All of the staff members were so helpful and they always greeted us with a warm smile. We really enjoyed our stay at the Seaview Paradise Beach and Mountain Holiday Villas and I hope that we get to return again someday in the near future. I would change just one thing though – and that is that I just wish our stay was longer!!