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Once In A Lifetime Trips You Need To Do

Travel is such an incredibly enriching experience and there are some truly amazing experiences that you can have along the way. There are some trips and places that you absolutely must go at least once in your lifetime and I have made a small list of some of the places that I have been that you really need to go too.

Road trip in America

There is nothing like driving through the open roads of America with the feeling of only the tyres under your car. Roadtripping through the states is something that you absolutely must do at least once in your life. It really doesn’t matter where you plan to go, you should absolutely do it. I loved visiting the West coast and doing a roadtrip there. I started in the beautiful San Francisco and made my way south to Los Angeles, Mexico, Nevada, Arizona and finally onto Texas. The beauty is the ability to stop when and where you want to, there truly is no freedom like seeing the sights of the United States.

Visit Antarctica

If you get the chance you absolutely need to visit this frozen wonderland. The scenery is some of the most amazing that you are likely to see in your life with stunning icebergs, mountains, ice as far as the eye can see and some very unique wildlife. While it is not the cheapest trip in the world, it is truly something that very few people get to experience in their lifetimes.

City hop in Europe

Europe is one of the greatest places on earth and many believe it to be the very centre of the world when it comes to culture. I love the fact that when you visit you can be in another country in just a few hours time and experience a completely different culture. There are many great cities there, such as London, Berlin, Rome and so many more. This is the place to enjoy history, food, architecture and culture all in the one neighbourhood.

Visit Iceland

Iceland is one of the most unique countries on earth and one of the most untouched at that. I love the fact that you can go there and see amazing volcanoes, mountains and so much more. If you are lucky you may even get to see the Northern Lights, which are an amazing phenomenon that occurs in areas of high or low latitude. The lights fill the sky with hues of green, pink, purple and blue. It truly is as though you are dreaming when you see it!