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My Guide To Visiting America

I think that if you want a great experience then you really need to know a bit more of the ins and outs of visiting the United States. There are so many place to choose from and no one blog post is going to be enough to show you all the right ones to visit, instead I want to talk more about visiting the States and my experience there. I hope you enjoy reading this and enjoy your stay there!


Getting there

Of course, having some of the biggest and best capital cities in the entire world means having some really world class flight connections to the USA. You can of course get the the States from most major cities around the world. I would highly recommend getting your Electronic Electronic System for Travel Authorization or ESTA as it is more commonly known. You can enter the United States by having this authorisation and there is no need to get a visa The great thing is that most people and you can make a number of trips for up to 90 days per trip for a period of two years once you have this authorisation. People from a number of countries are also eligible, which is a good thing too. I think it is a great idea to get it as far in advance as possible, but it is also possible to get one on short notice too.

Places that I love to visit


I absolutely love to get to Miami at any chance I get, it truly is like being in another world. The fusion of American and Latin American culture is apparent everywhere. Miami is one of my favourite places to get to the beach and enjoy amazing weather. The Cuban influenced food is something that I really love there too, especially a Cuban sandwich or arroz con pollo (spiced chicken and rice). You can also make a trip down to the Florida Keys and experience the unique set of islands that are all connected by bridges. These islands have a great sun, water, beaches and parties. I highly recommend a trip to St Augustine, there you can stay in any of St Augustine’s RV parks or campgrounds.

San Francisco

This is one of the cultural hotspots of North America, especially with its open minded, liberal atmosphere and ultra cool culture scene. San Francisco is one of those places that you will want to keep going back to. I love the cafe, bar and restaurant culture and think that it is one of the best on the entire planet! There really is nothing like getting a burrito and wandering around Golden Gate Park, or walking the steep streets and just enjoying the beautiful San Francisco lifestyle.

New York City

You can’t beat New York City, it is naturally one of the best cities in all of the world and perhaps the best in all of the United States. There really is no place that embraces culture quite like New York. I love to relax in the enormous Central Park and there is always something happening there. I love the food culture too, New York is absolutely famous for it, particularly with the huge migrant Italian population. There really isn’t anything better than stopping into a nice pizza place in Brooklyn and enjoying a nice slice of pizza, or the whole pie if you have a bit of time! The cultural scene, for me, is also great in New York with a lot of bars, cafes and museums that make it such an amazing city to visit.

Washington DC

It is pretty surreal to be walking around Washington DC, especially when you think about all the times we have seen it on TV. It is the political hub of the United States and of course has a rich history from this. It is just an amazing experience to see the White House, Washington Monument and everything else that this amazing cultural city has to offer. I also really enjoy visiting one of the several Smithsonian museums there, which provide a huge array of various types of art, history and science.