Items Of Clothing Every Man Must Have

Every man should be prepared for the rigours of everyday life and this includes have the right clothing for the right occasion. This guide won’t cover everything a man needs in his wardrobe, but rather the things that he should have as a base. I hope you enjoy reading about my essential clothing items that every man should have.

Slim fit jeans

I recently purchased some beautiful Versace slim fit jeans from Mainline Menswear and that was probably the inspiration for this article. Every man should have a pair of slim fit jeans that fit well. Jeans are so versatile and you can pair them with a shirt to give a more formal look or simply wear a t shirt to dress the look down. They are versatile and are an absolute must for your wardrobe.

Dress shoes

Dress shoes are one of those things that you probably won’t get a chance to wear often, but they can truly make or break your outfit. Dress shoes are, however, very versatile and you can use them to jazz up any outfit. Once you pair them with a pair nice pair of dark slim fit jeans you have a dressed up but relaxed look that is good for almost any occasion.

A watch

Every man should have a watch and it is a great investment that can make a mundane outfit look and feel that little bit more special. There is no measure of the classy touch it adds to any outfit. If you can, spend some money on a good watch that you can keep for the rest of your life and hopefully even pass down to your children!

A nice winter jacket

This is another investment piece that every man should invest in. I think that a good quality jacket that costs a bit more is worth much more than buying a cheap jacket every season, and in the long run you actually save money. Better quality jackets are also warmer and will last for many years to come in terms of their quality and style. Remember that good style is timeless, so why not buy an amazing jacket now.

Good underwear

One thing that I like about good quality underwear is that you can’t see it, but it is almost always the most comfortable thing that you can be wearing at any time. The best thing is that once you are comfortable you will definitely be looking and feeling your best. Good quality underwear also lasts longer and holds its shape better than its cheaper counterparts.