Is Spain The Best Travel Destination In The World?

Bursting with culture, surrounded by beaches and with a few idyllic islands thrown in for good measure, there’s not much that Spain can’t offer as the ideal holiday destination.

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So is it fair to say that Spain is the best holiday destination in the world? Let’s have a look at the facts and find out.




From Barcelona to Madrid, Santiago de Compostela to Saville, Spain is packed with beautiful cities, vibrant culture and a fascinating history. The wealth of culture makes it incredibly easy to combine a beach holiday with a city break, giving you the best of both worlds.


Thanks to the variety and number of religious and local festivals, a holiday in Spain is more than likely to coincide with a fiesta too. This is the perfect way to get a real flavour of Spanish life and have a fantastic night out.




With mountains, rivers, plains and plenty of coastline, adrenaline junkies and action lovers will be spoilt for choice, with adventures of all kinds on offer in Spain. Everything from windsurfing to skiing and horse riding to mountain biking can be found within Spain’s borders, so if you get bored after a few days lounging in the sun, there’s plenty of thrill-seeking to keep you busy.


For watersport holidays Majorca and Minorca are especially good, as they offer a variety of coastlines, all within easy reach.




Tapas, paella, seafood, wine and olives – just thinking about Spanish food makes your mouth water. Most regions will have their own particular twist on Spanish cuisine, but they’re all guaranteed to be as delicious and exciting as each other.


Value for Money


With lots of budget airlines offering cheap flights, getting to Spain is both affordable and convenient. Once there, most food and drink as well as accommodation is likely to be considerably cheaper than home.


In fact, Spain is pretty much the cheapest European destination there is when you compare the cost of holiday essentials.




On top of the historic cities, sandy beaches, excellent cuisine and vibrant culture, there is, of course, the Spanish weather to provide further incentive to travel. If you’ve ever spent a fortnight soaking up the sun on a Spanish Costa, you’ll know that there is no better holiday destination anywhere in the world.