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In Love with India – Food and Festivals

India, land of the Tiger! The home of this magnificent beast hardly requires further introduction. India is possibly one of the most colourful, vibrant and diverse countries in the world and many who visit India come back feeling as though they have fallen just a little bit in love.

When the inevitable time comes for you to plan your travels to India it’s important to prepare yourself for the experience.  There will be food, there will be festivals and no matter your age, you will feel like a teenager heading out on your first date, nervous, intrigued and excited.

India - Ganges

Epic Indian Food

Due to the diverse landscape, from high in the mountain ranges right down to the sea, Indian cuisine varies greatly across the four regions into which it is roughly divided.

North India is home to naan bread with many North Indians preferring this over rice. Dairy products are also frequently used resulting in curries of only a moderate spice.

South India is where to go if you like your food hot and spicy. South Indian food is generally centred more around rice than in North India.

East India is abundant in rice, vegetables and fruit with simplicity being the key approach to preparing food. If you have a sweet tooth then east India is the place to really treat your taste buds.

West Indian food is possibly the most diverse of all the regions with a mix of spicy, vegetarian dishes, chunky meat dishes and sweetened offerings.

The best way to give yourself the opportunity to try all of this amazing food is to book an India food tour so that you can be guided around and not risk burning off your tastebuds.


Epic Indian Festivals

As diverse as the food is so are the festivals in India. Ranging from traditional celebrations to modern dance festivals by the beach, there is something for everyone.

Diwali, also known as the Festival of Lights, runs for 5 days and marks the start of the Hindu New Year. Expect to be filled with joy and happiness as warm light from lanterns surround you.

Holi, the Festival of Colours is a spring festival that celebrates the beginning of the new season. Expect to be doused in coloured powder and water if you plan on attending but don’t hold any grudges as Holi is also said to be a festival of forgiveness and new starts.

Sunburn Festival is an electronic dance festival that has been running in Goa since 2007. But don’t be fooled, it’s not only repetitive beats on offer but a range of sporting activities market stalls, food and  local talent. Sunburn runs for 3 days between Christmas and New Year.

Depending on your preference it’s advisable to plan the time of your visit carefully, coinciding with the type of food, festivals and celebrations that interest you. With so much on offer it’s going to be difficult to fit everything in and planning for a holiday to India can get stressful if you are organising flights, accommodation and travel in India. Look for companies offering tours in India for a less stressful approach to your overall experience.